Thanks for a great season

We’ve been skiing since November, but sadly it’s time to call it a season for Nordic skiing. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the great snow as much as we have. Here’s to hoping it snows in October and we ski until May next year.

If you still haven’t purchased your season pass for 2019/20 you still have until April 30th to get the lowest price. After that it will start to go up incrementally.

For anyone who has never spent time in the Valley in the summer, I hope you’ll stop by. It’s a lot of fun to see how different things look with leaves on the trees. You might even find yourself getting lost on trails you’ve skied a hundred times.

I’m hoping to organize some roller ski events and a few other Nordic pre-season events in the fall. So stay tuned for lots of fun to come.

For all my summer cyclists out there we have an awesome mechanic in the shop during the summer who can help fix your flats or adjust that pesky front derailleur. Bikes aren’t quite as cool as skis, but they’re still pretty fun.

There will likely be snow on Tripoli Road and a few other trails for the next week or two. Since we are officially closed please use caution if you choose to ski at your own risk.

Happy trails,



With the temperature staying pretty high overnight and quickly jumping well above freezing Sunday morning, we won’t be doing any more grooming. The coverage on the main North End trails seems to still be solid. John Deer has a few thin spots, but other than that reports are pretty positive.

Thanks for skiing with us this season. It’s hard to believe we’re in our 6th month of skiing! That means only 6 months until next ski season starts.

Enjoy your ski,



A little wetness coming through Friday night will clear out for a phenomenally warm and sunny Saturday. You won’t need rock skis on the North End quite yet, we still have outstanding coverage. With the warmth we won’t be doing any additional grooming for Saturday, but trails will be in great shape with set track still viable on all open trails.

I would recommend using caution on Cascade Brook and Lower Snows between Jnct 26 and 56. Other than that have a blast out there!

We’ll be staffing the Adventure Center Outpost at Livermore from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. to make it easy to grab your trail pass before throwing skis on.

Just a reminder season Passes are still on sale at the rock bottom, early-season rate for 2019/2020.

I often get questions this time of year about whether I’ll be returning as Nordic Director the following season. This year I have some exciting news to share! I’m transitioning from a seasonal employee to year-round! That means we can talk bikes and skis and running shoes and disc-golf and so much more! In addition to helping expand our summer offerings, I’ll be spending some time getting those pesky branches out of the classic lanes and maybe finally getting the wet spot on John Deer to drain! So stay tuned for a lot of exciting things coming this summer and next ski season!

Just in case this is the last post you read for this winter, thank you to everyone who offered their support and helpful feedback this season. On behalf of all my staff and Waterville Valley Resort, thank you for choosing us for your skiing needs. We love cross-country skiing and we’re glad you do too!



Picture below is from Wednesday 4/10/19

April 10, 2019

April 10, 2019


Morning Update: The Tripoli/Osceola side is all set and Livermore and Upper Snows have also been groomed. It’s pretty phenomenal so call in sick or take a long lunch and have a ball out there!

Looks like we’ll have plenty of warmth and sunshine in store for today. Osceola/Tripoli Road have been groomed on the North Side. The Livermore Road side and Upper Snows have also been groomed and should ski well, especially so for classic.

Enjoy another excellent day of skiing!



Morning Update: Lower and Upper Osceola, Moose & Wicked, Pipeline are all groomed. We’re on the Livermore Road side now and we’ll do Upper Snows and Cascade Brook to Jnct 29. On the way back across we’ll do Tripoli Road as well. With 2 inches of fresh powder it’s gorgeous out there, even on the ungroomed trails. Enjoy!

Grooming will take place on the North End. We may stick to some core trails as the consolidating base is making for tricky footing for the cat. Expect Livermore Road, Upper Snows, Moose Run, and Wicked Easy to be groomed at minimum. All remaining trails were groomed Tuesday but will likely have some fresh precipitation on top, hopefully it’ll be nice soft snow!




Morning Update: The Tripoli/Osceola side of the North End is all groomed and looking awesome. Make sure you get out this morning before any potential rain this afternoon. We’re headed over to Livermore Road next.

We should be able to get out and groom some trails on the North End either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Monday has brought us mostly sleet thankfully, which should groom out really well. Watch for morning updates on where we’ve been or follow the groom. Ungroomed trails should still ski well unless we get some overnight rain.




Morning Update: So far so good with mostly snow and mixed precip falling. The North End should offer some great skiing with a nice coating on top!

It’s looking a little too wet and funky to get out and do any grooming on Monday. At the moment it looks like Wednesday morning will be our next best chance to get out and groom. Even so we’ll continue to assess as the weather develops in case the forecast changes.