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Snow Report & Maps

Trails Open: 52     Groomed Trails: 52     Parks: 3    Open Chairs: 7   Snow in 24 Hours: 0"     Season Total: 76.5"  

Snow Report

Updated: January 16th, 2017 at 2:30pm

Green Peak Trails 51, 52, & 53 are Open!  Check out our map on Facebook to explore our brand new terrain!

We are Open Tuesday at 9:00am with 52 Trails, 8 lifts, 3 parks and 223 Acres of groomed terrain with a Loose Granular / Machine Groomed Surface. We have been refreshing trails with new snow all night and grooming all morning.  We will continue to make snow throughout the day on Stillness and Ciao so visit those trails for the freshest powder all day long.  We also hung many more of the Green Peak Chairs this weekend and will keep stringing those up today!  Exhibition Park is still open to the public, along with the other two Pop-Up Parks on High Country and Psyched.  And all of our glades and "Wicked Venture Zones" are open! 

Conditions are great with the sunny and warming temperatures and the snowmaking and grooming last night!    We are also getting lots of reports of great skiing on High Country and Northside trails this morning.  We are looking forward to taking a break on the Schwendi Hutte deck and enjoying a high of 31 at base and 24 on the summit and mostly sunny, bluebird skies!    Remember to always ski within your ability level and sharpen those edges!  Stop in at Sportoma if you need a tune up! 

For more information, give the snow phone a call at:  (603)-236-8311 X 5852


What's Happening:

The Marketplace, the Schwendi Hutte,  , and T-Bars are open for your warming and refueling needs!

Don't forget--January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.  Don't miss our $39 Learn to Ski/Ride Deal during the month of January.  It includes a 2 hour lesson, all of your rental equipment, and a lower mountain lift ticket and is valid Mon-Thur, non-holidays!  This is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend and introduce them to something you love, improve your own skills, or try something new by switching disciplines!  Also, join us next weekend as we celebrate the next in our series of 50th Anniversary Events: 70's: Hot Doggin' Freestyle!  Check out our loaded Event Calendar for all the details!  



Our Green Peak Trails 51, 52, & 53 are all Open!  Help us give them some deserving, memorable, significant names!  Submit entries until February 10th to Help Us Name Our New Green Peak Trails


Periphery:  Groomed

Psyched Out:  Groomed

Rock Island:  Groomed

Ruthie's Run:  Groomed

Scramble:  Groomed

Sidewinder:  Groomed

Siegel Street:  Groomed

South Street:  Groomed

Stillness:  Groomed

Sun Run:  Groomed

Tangent:  Groomed

Terry's Trail:  Groomed

Tippecanoe:  Groomed

Tree Line:  Groomed

Upper Bobby's:  Groomed

Upper Valley Run:  Groomed

White Caps:  Groomed

Baseway:  Groomed

Kinderpark:  Groomed, Lessons Only

Leroy's Loop:  Groomed

Revelation:  Groomed

Stemtation:  Groomed

The Pasture:  Groomed

Valley Run:   Groomed

MT. tecumseh Trails Open:

True Grit:  Groomed, Bumps

Ciao:  Groomed

Gema:  Groomed

Lower Sel's Choice:  Groomed

Psyched:  Pop-Up Park,  Groomed

The Boneyard:  Groomed

The Chute:  Groomed

Tommy's World Cup:  Groomed

Upper Sel's Choice:  Groomed

Utter Abandon:  Groomed

And Tyler Too:  Groomed, Bumps

Bail Out:  Groomed

Exhibition:  Park, Groomed

Higher Ground:  Groomed

Grimes Way:  Groomed

Lower Old Tecumseh:  Groomed

Lower Periphery:  Groomed

Lower Stillness:  Groomed

Lower Tippecanoe:  Groomed

Lower White Caps:  Groomed

Main Street:  Pop-Up Park,  Groomed

Oblivion:  Groomed

Old Tecumseh:  Groomed

Palmer's Way:  Groomed


Green Peak Trails Open:

Trail 51:  Open and Groomed

Trail 52:  Open and Groomed

Trail 53:  Open and Groomed


Lifts Open:

High Country Double:  9am-3:30pm

Northside Double: closed

White Peaks Quad:  9am-3:45pm

Sunnyside Double:  closed

Exhibition Poma:  9am-3:45pm

World Cup T-Bar: 9am-3:45pm

Valley Run Quad:  9am-4:00pm

Lower Meadows Double:  9am-4:00pm

Pasture J-Bar:  9am-4:00pm

Kinderpark Carpet:  Lessons Only


We are very proud and thankful to our hardworking snowmaking and grooming crews! 

We are committed to providing you with the most accurate, useful, and personable snow report.  Let us know how we are doing, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for updates!  Happy skiing/riding! 

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Saturday-Sunday & Holidays: 8am-4pm
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