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Snow Report & Maps

Trails Open: 48      Groomed Trails: 48      Parks: 3     Open Chairs: 6   Snow in 24 Hours: 0"   Season Total: 83.5"  

Snow Report

Updated: January 23nd, 2017 at 8am

We will Open today at 9:00am with 48 Trails, 6 Lifts, 3 Parks and 216 Acres!  Exhibition Park is open to the public plus building begins today on our next skate-style park on Stillness!  Also check out the Fun Run on Rock Islands which features 12 rollers and a 180 degree berm.  And of course, all of our glades and "Wicked Venture Zones" are open and you can find moguls and bumps on True Grit, And Tyler Too, and Lower Sel's Choice!  Plus, Green Peak Trails 51, 52, & 53 are Open!  Access those via the Valley Run Quad or via the Oblivion trail.  The High Country lift and accessed trails will be closed until further notice.

Conditions and Weather today are looking like mostly cloudy skies with flurries and a chance of a snow shower in the afternoon.  Today with temps around 18-22 on the summit and 25-29 at base lodge the surface is loose granular/machine groomed.  We will see some snow later in the day, 2-4 inches coming tonight and tomorrow.

 A classic trail and crowd favorite is Oblivion which begins just outside the doors of the Schwendi Hutte.  However, my recent favorite run starts by bypassing the top of Oblivion and instead heading toward True Grit.  Before the double black begins, take a sharp right and head onto No Grit for a gorgeous tree-lined blue trail that ends with your choice of a shallow entry into the second half of Oblivion, or a nice, steep drop that will send you cruising with a great view of Green Peak.  Once you reach the top of Valley Run, keep going!  Don't turn downhill and instead aim straight at Green Peak and continue onto the furthest trail and you will experience the first taste of the Green Peak Expansion, Trail 51!  The lower half of this top to bottom Green Peak trail is open and is a green trail that runs parallel to South Street and Stillness.  Make sure to glance back up at Mt. Tecumseh for a new perspective of some well-known Sunnyside trails, before the trail splits and becomes Trail 52, another green trail, or Trail 53, a short blue that follows the lift line and offers some fun and fast roller-like hills before they both connect to Baseway to send you back to base!  Try to spot chair #50 as you cruise below the lift line; it is gold in honor of our 50th Anniversary!

Eats and Happenings can be found at the Marketplace, Schwendi Hutte, and T-Bars.  Join us on Saturday, 1/28, for Ski Like a Pirate Day to benefit Waterville Adaptive Sports!  Join the Ski-A-Thon and skip the lift line, raise some doubloons, and have fun with fellow buccaneers! 


Siegel Street is a great connector trail that allows skiers to hop over from Tippecanoe and Tyler Too onto Old Tecumseh or all the way to Lower Sel's Choice or Tommy's World Cup.  Siegel Street was named for Ed Siegel, Waterville Valley's first Marketing Director.  Ed skied very well with a wooden leg, but did injure himself in a fall on the very run that bears his name!  Our Green Peak Trails 51, 52, & 53 are all Open!  Help us give them some equally funny, deserving, memorable, and significant names!  Submit entries until February 10th to Help Us Name Our New Green Peak Trails


Palmer's Way:   Groomed

Periphery:  Groomed

Psyched Out:  Groomed

Rock Island:   Groomed, Fun Run!

Ruthie's Run:   Closed

Scramble:  Closed

Sidewinder:  Groomed

Siegel Street:  Groomed

South Street:   Groomed

Stillness:  Closed for Building

Sun Run:  Groomed

Tangent:   Groomed

Terry's Trail:  Groomed

Tippecanoe:   Groomed

Tree Line:   Closed

Upper Bobby's:   Groomed

Upper Valley Run:  Groomed

White Caps:   Groomed

Baseway:  Groomed

Kinderpark:  Groomed, Lessons Only

Leroy's Loop:  Groomed

Revelation:  Groomed

Stemtation:  Groomed

The Pasture:  Groomed

Valley Run:   Groomed

MT. tecumseh Trails Open:

Lower Bobby's:  Closed

True Grit:  Groomed, Bumps

Ciao:  Groomed

Gema:  Groomed

Lower Sel's Choice:   Groomed

Psyched:  Pop-Up Park,  Groomed

The Boneyard:   Groomed

The Chute:  Groomed

Tommy's World Cup:  Groomed

Upper Sel's Choice:   Groomed

Utter Abandon:   Groomed

And Tyler Too:  Groomed, Bumps

Bail Out:   Groomed

Exhibition:  Park, Groomed

Higher Ground:  Groomed

Grimes Way:  Groomed

Lower Old Tecumseh:  Groomed

Lower Periphery:  Groomed

Lower Stillness:  Groomed

Lower Tippecanoe:  Groomed

Lower White Caps:   Groomed

Main Street:  Closed

No Grit:  Groomed

Oblivion:  Groomed

Old Tecumseh:  Groomed


Green Peak Trails Open:

Trail 51:  Groomed

Trail 52:  Groomed

Trail 53:  Groomed


Lifts Open:

White Peaks Quad:  9am-3:45pm

Valley Run Quad:  9am-4:00pm

Sunnyside Triple:  Closed

Green Peak Triple:  Closed

Northside Double:  Closed

High Country Double:  Closed

Lower Meadows Double:  9am-4:00pm

World Cup T-Bar:  9am-3:45pm

Exhibition Poma:  Closed

Pasture J-Bar:  9am-4:00pm

Kinderpark Carpet:  9am-4:00pm, Lessons Only


We are very proud and thankful to our hardworking snowmaking and grooming crews! 

We are committed to providing you with the most accurate, useful, and personable snow report.  Let us know how we are doing, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for updates!  Happy skiing/riding! 

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