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Snow Report & Maps

Trails Open: 54   Groomed Trails: 51   Parks: 3   Open Chairs: 10   Snow in 7 Days: 32"   Snow in February: 58"  

Snow Report

Updated:  February 19th, 2017 at 10:15am

It's Another Beautiful Day!  We have received 14" of fresh powder since Wednesday, 32" of new snow in 7 days, and 58" in the month of February!  We have record conditions and acreage with 30+ acres of new Green Peak Trails and tons of groomers and powder stashes for all skiing preferences, plus some serious snow drifts and refreshed glades from Friday's wind!  We also have parks open for all ages and sizes.  A new small Jurassic Progression Park is open on Lower Periphery.  We also have our medium size, skate-style park on Stillness that has a new jump added to the 18+ features.  Plus our big air Exhibition Park and the Exhibition Poma Lift will be open all weekend and next week!  Our Park Crew has been continuously working to keep conditions in prime shape and mix up features for plenty of variety, plus we are working on building on Higher Ground for the upcoming Ski and Boarder Cross on Saturday!  Two great FunRuns are open as well, including a beginner FunRun on Leroy's Loop and our signature FunRun on Rock Island.  This Wicked Venture Zone begins with a series of 20 rollers, a mild jump, a large bank turn, then a series of 6 quicker banked turns, 350+ feet of moguls, three more large rollers, and a small jump line!  Or check out our variety of different glades for plenty of untouched powder and fun features like ski through the sugar shack!

Conditions and Weather today are absolutely phenomenal and some of the best we have seen in years.  We are going to see clear blue skies, sunshine, and maybe a chance of flurries this afternoon.  We had some wind that put Green Peak Triple and Northside on hold this morning but it has calmed down and both lifts are now open for access to more trails on this beautiful day!  We have 14" of new snow from Wednesday's storm and have left 3 trails ungroomed for plenty of powder and bumps but the rest of it will be perfect corduroy, silky in the sun and crispy in the shade.  We will also leave some ungroomed terrain on 1/3 or 1/2 of some black and blue trails and plenty of powder can be found in our glades and Wicked Venture Zones!  Yesterday was so warm and sunny that some of our powder softened and then cooled again overnight so while our primary surface is packed powder, secondary surfaces will vary between a powder consistency and a granular texture depending on skier traffic, temperature, and grooming.  It also means that powder stashes will be slightly heavier with a higher moisture content during the middle of the day than the really light powder we had when it first fell a few days ago.  Temperatures will be only slightly cooler today, with 26-30 expected at the summit and a spring skiing-like high of 36 at mountain base.  The sun will shine over mostly clear skies with a few wisps of clouds drifting through today and then a chance of some pretty flurries later this afternoon.  It is going to be another picture perfect day for a photo op on the deck of the Schwendi Hutte overlooking miles of the White Mountains!  The best trails to take advantage of the beautiful weather can be found on Sunnyside with groomed and ungroomed terrain, great views of Green Peak, and the Sunnyside Triple open for hot laps.  Or for a blue option, try the tree-lined, winding No Grit before heading down Oblivion, and then jumping on Green Peak Trail 51, and then finish down some blue rollers right under the lift line on Green Peak Trail 53 to send you right back to base!

Eats and Happenings can be found at the Marketplace, the Schwendi Hutte, T-Bars, the Sunnyside Timberlodge, Buckets, and the Waffle Cabin all week!  See our Full Event Calendar for everything going on this weekend and next week including Apres with specials and live music, plus movies for the kids every single day through the vacation week!  Have a laugh tonight when comedian Bob Marley performs at the conference center, just steps from town square. Tickets will sell out fast so grab them online or by calling Therese at  (603) 236-8311 ex. 3000.  This month we have races, moguls, slaloms, and clinics, from alpine to nordic, on skis, bikes, and snowshoes.  Enjoy music and comedy, and fantastic food, brews, and views, all surrounded by the beautiful White Mountains.  February couldn't be a better time to take advantage of everything we have to offer!  

Can't wait to see y'all on the slopes! 



Kickin' It Old School:

Call me, beep me, just like in the good ole' days!  Give the Snow Phone a call for an audible snow report and trails or lift updates:  (603) 236-8311 ex. 5852 or wait for the menu and then press 5.  Disclaimer: Snow Reporters may get excited and talk too fast or occasionally with a Russian accent.


Siegel Street is a great connector trail that allows skiers to hop over from Tippecanoe and Tyler Too onto Old Tecumseh or all the way to Lower Sel's Choice or Tommy's World Cup.  Siegel Street was named for Ed Siegel, Waterville Valley's first Marketing Director.  Ed skied very well with a wooden leg, but did injure himself in a fall on the very run that bears his name!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Green Peak trail naming contest!  Trail names will be announced on February 25th!


Palmer's Way:  Groomed


Psyched Out:  Groomed

Rock Island:   Groomed,  New FunRun!

Ruthie's Run:  Closed

Scramble:  Closed

Sidewinder:  Groomed

Siegel Street:  Groomed

South Street:  Groomed

Stillness:  Groomed,  New Medium Park!!

Sun Run:  Groomed


Terry's Trail:  Groomed

Tippecanoe:  Groomed

Tree Line:  Closed

Upper Bobby's:  Groomed

Upper Valley Run:  1/2 Groomed

White Caps:   Groomed

Baseway:  Groomed

Kinderpark:  Groomed,  Lessons Only

Leroy's Loop:  Groomed, FunRun

Revelation:  Groomed

Stemtation:  Groomed

The Pasture:  Groomed

Valley Run:   Groomed

MT. tecumseh Trails Open:


True Grit:  2/3 Groomed

Ciao:  Groomed

Gema:  1/2 Groomed

Lower Sel's Choice:   Groomed

Psyched:  Groomed

The Boneyard:  1/2 Groomed

The Chute:  Groomed

Tommy's World Cup:  Groomed

Upper Sel's Choice:   Groomed

Utter Abandon:   Groomed

And Tyler Too:  Groomed

Bail Out:  Groomed

Exhibition:  Groomed

Higher Ground:  Groomed, Freestyle Terrain

Grimes Way:  Groomed

Lower Old Tecumseh:  Groomed

Lower Periphery:  Groomed, New Small Park!

Lower Stillness:  Groomed

Lower Tippecanoe:  Groomed

Lower White Caps:  1/2 Groomed

Main Street:  Groomed

No Grit:  Groomed

Oblivion:  Groomed

Old Tecumseh:  Groomed


Green Peak Trails Open:

Trail 51:  Groomed

Trail 52:  Groomed

Trail 53:  Groomed

Trail 57:  Groomed (Upper Portion Open)

Trail 58:  Groomed

Trail 59:  Groomed

Trail 60:  Groomed (Middle Portion Open)


Lifts Open:

Kinderpark Carpet:  8-4:00, Lessons Only

Pasture J-Bar:  8-4:00

Exhibition Poma:  8-3:45

World Cup T-Bar:  8-3:45

Lower Meadows Double:  8-4:00

Northside Double:  8-3:30  

High Country Double:  Closed

Sunnyside Triple:  8-3:45  

Green Peak Triple:  8-3:45  

White Peaks Quad:  8-3:45  

Valley Run Quad:  8-4:00


We are very proud and thankful to our hardworking snowmaking, grooming, and park crews, lift operators and mechanics, ski patrollers, and the rest of our wonderful staff!  We are committed to providing you with the most accurate, useful, and personable snow report.  Let us know how we are doing, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for updates!  Happy skiing/riding! 

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