Friday morning we will be out on snowmobiles in the North and South cleaning up any overnight additions to our new 2-3 inches from Thursday. We will not be setting track tomorrow, but the previous tracks may still be viable after some skiers go through. The fresh snow should make skiing extremely enjoyable heading into the weekend. 

Don't forget to pick up some wax or drop off your skis for a fresh coat to make sure you get the most out of your glide!



Snow on the way

Tomorrow morning we will be doing a little day grooming as the new snow falls. All open trails should be very skiable and fun even if untouched with 1-2 inches of new snow expected. We'll be out on the South End buzzing with the snowmobile in the morning and I will update during the morning about where additional grooming takes place. Watch for slickness in the Pond Loop tunnels. 

It should be a great day of skiing out there so come on up and enjoy!


Back to the good stuff

*Morning update: The North End was finished last night. The South End will be snowmobile groomed this morning while we tweak some repairs and wait for tonight's snow. Enjoy

The cat is back in business and the North End is being groomed overnight and the South End will be groomed early Wednesday morning. The fresh till should deliver some much needed softness out there. 

Wednesday night and into Thursday we should pick up an inch or two of that magical white substance called snow. It's been a little too long since our last storm so I hope you're all as excited as I am. 



Another firm day

*Updates: We did some laps this morning on Pond Loop, Snows Brook, and part of Figure Three with the snowmobile so that is at least a little less icy than other places. The cat will be out tonight on the North End and Wednesday morning on the South End so conditions should be significantly softer for Wednesday.

Tuesday morning we'll be skiing the snowmobile groom from Monday as repairs are finished up on the cat. If everything goes perfectly we'll try to get out by the afternoon for some day grooming. Worst case scenario we're back to skiing a groomed surface by Wednesday morning. I'll put out an update as things develop tomorrow. 

 Continue to use caution out there until a new groom is done and thanks for your patience as we work on the machinery. Some new snow on Wednesday night and into Thursday should really help soften things up out there. Without jinxing it, the next week looks very promising for some additional snow that might allow us to open some more kilometers up. Fingers crossed.




Frozen granular

The trails held up really well through the weekend's warmth. We had a great couple days of sunshine and fun. The race on Saturday was a huge success, thanks for everyone's patience with the avoidance of the South End in the afternoon.

Monday things will be a little firm and fast. The cat will be taking the day off for some repairs. Grinding up the firm base for over a week tends to beat equipment up a little bit. We will head out in the morning with the snowmobiles to try to smooth out the skate lanes. We'll go North via Swan's Way to clean up the Tripoli side first then Livermore while the second snowmobile works on the South End. The big groomer should be back at it after a day or two at most. 



We'll be doing a morning groom on all North End trails and Swan's Way to Pond Loop. The remaining South End trails were snowmobile groomed Saturday evening and may have a few bumpy spots left from the race on Saturday. With temperatures hovering around freezing, waiting a little longer to head out in the morning will give the snow some time to set up after the groom. We should finish up by around 9 a.m. on the North End. The Livermore side will be groomed first and then the Tripoli side. 

Hopefully we'll have a happy surprise and pick up a little snow tonight. Either way the warm temperatures by mid-morning should make for enjoyable skiing. 

Use caution in the tunnels on Pond loop as loose granular may push off easily to the firm base. 



Great skiing and a flash sale!

Saturday all open trails will be freshly groomed and tracked. It should be a spectacular day with lots of sun and temperatures rising into the the 30's by noon. 

Nordic Kids will start at 9 a.m. with intermediate skate, 10 a.m intermediate classic, 11:15 a.m. beginner classic. 

For Saturday only we're having a mid-winter flash sale! 20% off on all clothing, hats, and gloves (25% for passholders). 

Don't forget about the high-school race starting at 2 p.m. on the South End. We'll be closing the course down to the public around 1:45 p.m. to make sure it's safe for the racers. Grab a seat in the Nordic Center or head out to the Teaching Area to watch the action!

Enjoy the snow!