Weekend outlook

Friday we will be skiing the groom from Thursday to help preserve our snow depth and avoid exposing any thin cover areas. Please use caution in the tunnel on Village Trail, it's quite firm and icy. We'll be working on improving it for the weekend. 

Saturday @ 2:00 p.m. we are hosting a high-school race that will have around 200 participants. We will be closing the South End to the public around 1:30 p.m. There will still be access to the North End via Village/Inner Mad River/Swan's Way from Town Square. If you've never seen a Nordic race stick around and watch the start and finish out in the teaching area or grab a seat in the Nordic Center and watch racers fly by the window. It's a skate race with waves of 4 starting every 30 seconds. 

Have fun out there,


Back to winter

Thursday will bring some colder temperatures and great skiing. The North End is in great shape except for a few spots of thin cover. The Tripoli side will be the fresher groom, but Livermore should be skiing just fine on Wednesday's day groom. Watch for an icy patch that has formed at the very top of Pipeline.

We're going to revive Swan's Way and clean up the aftermath of Wednesday's high school race on the South End by mid-morning. Watch for a little iciness in the tunnels on the South End,  but most of it should groom out tomorrow. 




Wednesday Updates: good news

It's mostly good news today as the trails seem to have held up quite well from yesterday's rain. There's even a dusting of snow falling as we speak. The groomer just got started and will be headed up Livermore to Upper Snows after checking Deep Woods and Greeley Path to see what's ready for a first pass. Please use caution getting from the car to the trails as the parking lot is definitely slippery! Waiting until this afternoon to head out is definitely not a bad plan as that will give the snow more time to set up after the groom. Livermore and Upper Snows will have just one pass until the South End groom is finished and we head back to the North End. 

We will also be grooming in the South End today to prepare for the high-school race we're hosting at 3 p.m. The best plan for most folks today would be to avoid the South End to help let the groom set up and allow us to provide a good race course for the kiddos. 

We're going to hold off on grooming the Tripoli side as long as possible to let it dry out completely. Grooming the snow while it's still a little wet can have some negative consequences once it freezes back up. 

Expect tomorrow to be a decent day of skiing with at least one groom on most trails. 

Swan's Way should be avoided today as it has a large wet spot that needs some time to freeze back up. 




Wednesday news

Just a reminder my posts are typically pertaining to the following day's conditions, except for any mid-day updates that specify otherwise. 

The trails are still white as of this moment and should stay that way with most of the precipitation having already come down. Prior to the rain we did pick up about a 1/2 inch of sleet/freezing rain accumulation so once the trails freeze back up that should groom out pretty well. Wednesday morning we will take a look at trail conditions and let things dry out as long as possible before attempting a groom. If everything goes according to plan there should be some groomed terrain on the North End by around noon. The longer we wait and less we do the more likely the trails are to recover without incident. Check back here or call for the most up to date conditions tomorrow.

We are hosting a high-school race Wednesday at 3 p.m. with the tentative location being the South End. If need be we will be moving the race to the North End so check back tomorrow for an update before you head out. There will be about 100 skiers competing so make your ski plans accordingly to avoid the race course in the late afternoon. 

Swan's way will likely be very wet tomorrow so please avoid that trail, even if the groomer goes that direction to access the South End. 



Another warm one

Monday morning we'll be out cleaning up the trails after a weekend of heavy traffic. It was great to see so many smiling faces out enjoying the great snow. The North End will be the first groom and then some of the South End. Lower Criterion, Figure Three, and the Golf Course will be ungroomed so use caution. 

The storm moving in tomorrow night looks a bit mixed at this point. So let's hope there's a bit more snow than expected to help absorb any non-snow precipitation. Either way our base should be able to hold strong and keep us skiing no matter what falls from the sky. 

The second Women's Clinic of the season will be on February 10th. It's filling up fast so book your spot now! All the details can be found on the events calendar. Call 603-236-4666 to register.

There will also be a Swix, Salomon, and Atomic Demo Day on February 10th so don't miss the chance to try out those skis you've been dreaming about. 




All open trails will get a groom in the early morning except for the Golf Course. Things should be skiing fast in the morning with a nice chill letting the snow set up overnight. A few spots of thin cover are creeping out with the warm temps, so keep your eyes open. Overall the coverage is great out there.

The many-use trails will be open to fat bikes tomorrow. 

Enjoy the warmth,


Great weather

For Saturday:

Fischer Demo Day starting at 10 a.m. come try some skis for free!

All open trails will be groomed starting early on Saturday morning with the South End and finishing up around 9 a.m.on the North End. Don't be scared off by the warm temps, our base still has plenty of depth and some nice softness to the top sheet. Skiing should be enjoyable all day!

Looking ahead, the snow coming on Mon/Tues should allow us to reopen some more trails that were damaged by the big rain.

Please remember to be respectful out on the trails. Not everyone knows proper etiquette so the best thing to do is ski on by or offer some friendly suggestions. 

Ski fast,