4 Things to Check Off Your End-of-Summer Bucket List

The last month of summer has kicked off and before we know it ski season will be upon us. As much as we can’t wait, we also love Waterville Valley in the summertime! So, with just four short weeks before school starts up, leaves start changing, and warm cider becomes front of mind, it’s time to check off the last few iconic items on our Summer Bucket List! You can pack it all into a weekend or spread it out and soak up as much fun, chill, and adventure over the last four weeks or weekends of summer.

1. Swim

Whether you want to relax on the beach, head to the splash pad with the kids, or find your own private swimming hole, you’ll find plenty of cool spots around the valley for those hot and humid August days. The Corcoran Pond and Beach, adjacent to Town Square, is the perfect spot for swimming, fishing, boating, and jumping off the dock. With amenities like restaurants, the mercantile, bathrooms, and lodging, it is easy-peasy to take a quick dip or spend the whole day. This Saturday is our annual Ugotta Regatta, a whole day of playing on the pond and a perfect way to try out boating, swimming, and water games or watch the hilarity of the homemade boat contest.

If the littlest ones in the family are calling the shots, head over to the White Mountain Athletic Club (accepts the Freedom Pass) and check out their brand new outdoor pool, spa, splash pad, and Coyote Cabana. The kiddos can play all day and the grown-ups can enjoy the poolside cabana and gorgeous views of the ski trails and surrounding mountains.

If crowds aren’t your thing, spend a little extra time hiking to your own private swimming hole—unless somebody beats you there! One hidden gem includes a hike or scenic chairlift ride to the top of Snow’s Mountain. Then follow signs for Livermore Road and just before the first bridge, turn onto Cascade Path for beautiful waterfalls and pools to dip your toes in! Or hike the Fletcher’s Cascade Trail off Route 49 to discover another classic cascade trail with plenty of spots for a refreshing dip. Always use caution when hiking and swimming in natural and protected areas and take care not to disturb the local flora and fauna.


2. Hike

Waterville Valley is surrounded on all sides by seven 4,000-foot peaks and 360 degrees of White Mountain National Forrest boasting over 20 miles of renowned hiking trails. From gentle walks to rigorous weekend hiking challenges (like the Upcoming 20,000ft Denali Challenge), there is an opportunity for anyone to get outside and get the most bang for your buck. Your body and wallet will thank you. My favorite moderate hike: Mt. Osceola offers the most incredible view at the summit, is a great workout, and you can check summiting a 4,000-foot peak off your list as well! Check out our hiking page for more inspiration, or try to bag them all for epic bragging rights!

3. Eat & Drink

When I think of summer the first thing that comes to mind is eating outside and an ice-cold libation. Grab a seat outside of almost every restaurant in Town Square and enjoy summer fares like BBQ ribs, pizza, or a crisp salad. Wash down your fresh guacamole with a margarita or pick up your favorite six-pack or bottle of wine from the Mercantile and picnic on the grass in the open-container friendly Town Square. Live Music on the Gazebo Stage adds to the atmosphere every Friday and Saturday all month long. I run into friends and neighbors or meet someone new every weekend over a game of cornhole or a beer at the bar. It’s like a perpetual block party all summer long and everyone is invited.

4. Play

If you are a valley regular or local, you’ll notice some new ways to play this month. July saw the debut of New Summer Activities including ResortBoard Adventure Tours, Disc Golf on Snow’s Mountain, and a Vertical Zone in Town Square. The Climbing Tower and Bungee Trampoline is set to open soon, but ResortBoards are already open and taking reservations 7-days a week. Disc Golf is also open! Take a scenic chairlift ride up Snow’s Mountain and play your way back down to the valley floor, with awesome views on the way. (If you have never played disc golf, it is way more fun than you think!) Even on a rainy day you can rock climb at the Recreation Department or head to the Ice Arena for Public Skate or Stick and Puck.

5 Reasons Why the Ski Community is Awesome

After finishing my first season working in the ski industry and becoming a part of a community of skiers and riders, I have been thinking a lot about what makes this group of people so special. Then during our Community Clean-Up Day and BBQ it all became very clear. Here are just some examples of why the ski community is so seriously, ridiculously, high-fives-all-around awesome!

Clean-up day brought hikers back to the slopes on June 3rd.

1. They really, really love their slopes... 

While for some people winter is long over, a skier's love for the mountains isn't limited to when there is snow on the ground. Whether loyal to the same trails they learned on or always checking out somewhere new, summertime skiers can be found hiking, camping, or biking their favorite trails, counting the days until flakes start to fall. So when given the opportunity to give back or just get out on the slopes, we knew who to count on. By popular demand we opened clean-up day to the public for the second time and I was amazed but not surprised to see the amount of enthusiasm from the community. Families excitedly claimed their favorite trails and competed to fill the most trash bags, well exceeding the one-bag requirement earning them a free lunch. While it can be discouraging to see people litter on your favorite hill, you can bet that there are many more people in the skiing community that care enough to come back after the snow melts and help keep our trails beautiful year after year. To all those people, all I can say is thank you!

Clouds at the summit didn't blanket any enthusiasm from this happy group.

2. They know how to have a good time.

The ski industry is one of the most weather-obsessed groups of people on the planet. We all dream of the perfect powder day. We've all kicked ourselves for leaving that extra layer at home. But when it comes down to having a fun day on the slopes, some things are just a bit more important. On Saturday we saw the weather change from sunshine to mist to drizzle and then back to gorgeous sun, and that was all before lunch. But these smiling faces persisted. Garbage bags were re-purposed as ponchos, sneakers were traded for boots, and the sunshine was celebrated even more when it finally appeared. It turns out that as important as the conditions or weather are, they aren't the most important factor when it comes to having a fun day with your family and friends.

Rave reviews followed this 12-hour slow roasted pulled pork served with all the fixings.

3. They take their après as seriously as their skiing.

Sometimes a little incentive goes a long way on the hill. Some days the only reason to take one more frigid ride to the summit is the steaming hot bowl of chili at the Schwendi Hutte. I know the only thing that makes me push a little harder through burning, tired legs is the thought of a gigantic burger and a cold one waiting for me at the bottom. It is no surprise then that the origins of the Clean-Up Day Pig Roast started as a simple BBQ to encourage our staff. It will also not come as a surprise that once word spread there were a lot of people willing to pitch in just to stay for the après-work food and fun. So how did a simple day of work and a free lunch turn into a 12-hour Pig Roast? Well, when you get a bunch of skiers together it turns into a party pretty quick. Upper management got together at 1:30am to start roasting a pig, the maintenance crew worked hard for weeks to get lifts running, and staff brought lawn games, music, kegs of cold beer, and tons of food. Inspired by all of the long-running summer food festivals in Town Square, this new tradition was complete with a whole pig worth of slow roasted pulled pork, burgers, sausages, beans, stuffing, homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and salad, plus plenty of brews, lawn games, and music. When it comes to après festivities, you're going to want an invite from this crowd. 

Molly, one of many furry volunteers, provides moral support to hikers on the home stretch.

4. Everyone has dogs. They bring them to everything. They are all adorable.

This is Molly. She is a very good girl who kept morale high on the last stretch down with full, heavy trash bags. One of my favorite things about this community is that everyone is welcome, even our furriest family members. Especially in summertime, the slopes and Town Square are bustling every weekend with activities and events. I love that man's best friend can spend time with the family, meet new people (and dogs), and spend time outside. Whether it is hiking up Mt. Tecumseh or just strolling around Town Square, our good times can be measured in tail wags.

President and General Manager Tim Smith and his 6-year-old son pick up trash under the Northside lift.

5. They help each other out.

Whether you are the Resort's top dog or just 6 years-old, everybody is expected to lend a hand. I couldn't even get out of clean-up duty between snapping pictures, and with this crowd I wouldn't dare. Whether it is helping up a fallen stranger, lending a hand to a lift neighbor, or teaching your kids about pitching in, spending time on the slopes is a lesson in humility. Speaking as a former city-dweller, the ski community not only teaches our young people to help each other out, it encourages everyone to engage, work hard, and give back. The sheer number of kids participating in clean-up day shows how the culture of this community is able to perpetuate through generations and shared by legends and newcomers alike. 

A lost glove reappears after the snow melts

If I have learnt anything in the past few months it is that the skiing and riding community is comprised of a unique, passionate, fun, and hungry group of people. I am grateful to be getting to know more and more of you every time I hit the slopes, whether it be to ski, hike, pet your dog, or over a game of polish horseshoes or cornhole. There will be many more days like this to keep us distracted until November.

See you on the slopes!


Are You Suffering From Winter Withdrawal? [VIDEO]

Are you, or someone you love, suffering from Winter Withdrawal? Symptoms include avoiding mowing the lush, green lawn, cursing at chirping birds, and attempting to ski that last tiny patch of snow like it's a powder day.

Do you know someone who refuses to admit that it is basically summer already? Yeah... we do too.  

[WARNING: Do not attempt to approach skiers in the wild suffering from winter withdrawal. Our videographer is a professional with years of experience tracking and safely recording the summer skier in its natural habitat. Penguin slides can be extremely dangerous and should not be attempted at home.]

We know that was hard to watch. Here are a few simple steps that might help you beat your end-of-season blues:

Step 1: Get Closure

Finding closure begins with acknowledging the absolutely rad and epic winter we just experienced. Ski Magazine's Best Resorts of 2018 poll is the perfect outlet for your rants, raves, and reflections. Or rail on Transworld's Park Poll 2018.  Either way you could win brand new skis and boards! What better way to help you transition to step 2...

Step 2: Look Ahead

Looking to the future is key but focusing on the long summer standing between you and your next powder day could send anyone into a downward spiral. Break things down into manageable goals. You'll feel like you're moving forward and it will make the time pass faster. Start by taking advantage of season pass sales now. Grab your White Mountain Superpass before May 31st to save $100 and have access to four of New Hampshire's leading resorts next season. Saving a few extra bucks and checking something off your to-do list is definitely a win, which you could probably use right about now.

Step 3: Find Distractions

Blasting the a/c, trolling ski forums, and developing a mild case of heliophobia is not a long-term solution this summer and your friends and family are getting worried. Instead, try healthier distractions. You don't have to say goodbye to your favorite mountain as soon as the snow melts. Our summer is stocked with plenty of food, brews, music, and more to ease the pain, keep you on the slopes, and stay in shape in your off season. You can even help with next season prep! Join like-minded skiers and riders for Community Clean-Up Day & Pig Roast on June 3rd. 

Step 4: Help a Friend

Know somebody that might be suffering from Winter Withdrawal? Try broaching the subject gently and from the safety of your computer or device by sharing this article.