We were able to fix our mechanical issues from Saturday and should be able to get a decent morning groom in on part of the North End. We’ll do the Tripoli Road side first, except for John Deer, and then if it isn’t already too warm we’ll groom Livermore Road and Upper Snows. Once things get above freezing all the trails should be plenty soft with the high expected to be in the low 50’s.

Village Trail is no longer skiable after a warm Saturday. Inner Mad River and Swan’s Way still have great coverage but will require walking down Village to access them.

Slather on the sunscreen and have a blast out there.



Morning Update: We had a slight mechanical delay getting on snow with the cat, but we’re now back in action on the Livermore Road side of the North End. We’re also going to get Swan’s Way cleaned up with the snowmobile to give us a nice connection. Use caution on Village Trail, a few spots were extremely thin before the new snow fell overnight.

Fresh snow and hot sun, what more could we ask for on April 6th!? I’m not sure what all the other XC areas in the state are doing but we’re not giving up on winter and neither should you! We continue to have a phenomenal base on the North End and we’re grooming as much as the weather allows. With a potential for warm snow it’s going to be an F4/Universal glidewax day so don’t forget it at home or pick some up in the shop.

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to skiing the South End for the season. There is still decent coverage on a few trails but Pond Loop is pretty much bare in a few spots and will be even more so after a warm weekend. The good news is we’re going to open it up to fat biking for the weekend. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to send the hairpin on a fat bike, now’s your chance! We should be able to hold onto Swan’s Way and Inner Mad River for a while longer to get you out to the North End without competing for a spot at Depot Camp. The parking lot has improved but will definitely be soft and muddy this weekend

The plan for grooming will be a Saturday morning groom on most of the North End and likely come down Swan’s or snowmobile groom it if we’re running low on time.

Nordic Kids is done for the season. Special thanks to Rachel and her kids for making it such an amazing program.

Happy skiing!


PS: We are still planning to stay open every day through April 14th.


Morning Update: Please use caution skiing the bottom portion of Lower Snows Mtn Trail, from junctions 26 to 56. Our machine was unable to get up the hill with the tiller down, so the trail will be fairly bumpy with the groomer tracks along that section.

The Livermore Road side of the North End is getting touched up Thursday evening along with Tripoli Road. That will be the best bet for soft snow first thing Friday morning. We’re going to continue to have Cascade Brook open to Jnct 29, but unfortunately things were getting a little too rough on the backside to leave it open. Other than that the North End is still in great shape heading into the weekend.




Morning Update: With the cold temperatures we’re seeing this morning, the groom is coming out fairly slow to get the trails in good shape. You can expect a fresh groom on Livermore Rd, Lower Osceola, Moose Run, Wicked Easy, John Deer, Upper Osceola, and Pipeline. Swan’s Way and the inner trails on the South End should remain in good shape today with the groom we had yesterday. It’s a good day to avoid the winds by getting into the woods, but keep an eye out for any fallen debris along the trails. Happy skiing!

Groom in progress on the North End. We were able to get some of the South End Groomed on Wednesday and Swan’s Way should be in great shape for accessing the North End. Just use caution on Village Trail, mainly the tunnel which should be walked carefully or avoided by crossing the road. High winds overnight Wednesday and continuing today have likely brought some debris down onto the trails so keep your eyes open. Expect ungroomed trails to remain firm with temps not expected to get much above freezing.

Enjoy your ski!



There’s a rumor going around that we’re supposed to get some snow potentially on Wednesday morning but I haven’t been able to find a reliable report that backs it up. So let’s cross our fingers and hope something fluffy falls from the sky. We will be trying to come down Swan’s Way and hopefully make it all the way to Town Square. After that we’ll do some grooming on the North End, likely on the Osceola/Tripoli Rd side.

Coverage on the North End continues to be pretty great. We are seeing some spots open up on Cascade Brook, especially on the descent. Pond Loop is getting a little thin and funky in a couple spots and that’s really limiting us in terms of accessing the rest of the trails that still have decent coverage. On the plus side I did see a gentleman skiing Upper Snows today in shorts, a true sign of spring skiing.

Enjoy your day,



We’ll head up Livermore Road on Tuesday to try to soften up the remaining ungroomed trails. If we can safely make it down to the South End then we should be able to bring a few trails back to life. The Tripoli Road side of the North End should ski well on Mondays groom as most trails were done later in the day.

Happy trails,


Monday Cont'd

The majority of the North End is now groomed and we were able to come down Swan’s Way and Inner Mad River, but unfortunately Village Trail is a little too slick right now for us to chance taking the cat across. So if you can double pole from the center down to Jnct 24 from the Adventure Center you can still get a ski in from Town Square. We’ll try to pick off the remaining North End trails on Tuesday morning. Cascade Brook is currently groomed just to Jnct. 29.




Morning Update: It’s a classic Waterville Valley forecast today where online it says sunny and breezy but it’s dumping snow outside! We’ve picked up almost an inch of light fluffy snow and it’s still coming down. This will really refresh the trails for the day. Definitely still watch for some firmness underneath. Livermore to Upper Snows, Cascade Brook to Jnct 29 and Lower Osceola are now groomed. Looking pretty good out there, especially higher up.

By Monday morning we’re back to winter, which means the trails will be firm. The cat will head out onto the North End and should be able to lay down a pretty decent groom. It will be slow going grinding things up so it’s probably a good day wait until mid-morning to head out. Watch for a morning update on which trails we’ve been able to groom out.

Happy skiing,