We’re looking at some funky weather rolling in Wednesday evening and lasting through the day Thursday. Our next chance to get back on snow and groom will probably be Friday morning. With the awesome depth we have out there I’m not expecting too much damage from this wet episode. Hopefully we’ll pick up some snow/sleet on the front end of this system to help absorb the moisture. It looks like we're headed right back into the icebox by the weekend which will help us out immensely in grooming things out.

It’ll be a great day to tune your gear if you’ve been putting it off, or drop skis off with us and save yourself the wax shaving clean-up.

For Thursday we’re going to close the South End to avoid causing damage on trails that are likely to be thin after the rain. If anyone is looking to get out please head to Livermore or Lower Osceola/Tripoli Rd.

Stay dry,



The South End will get a tune up Tuesday evening and we’ll be cleaning up some of the trails on the Livermore Rd side of the North End on Wednesday morning. High winds brought down a significant amount of debris Monday night so it will take a few grooms to churn all of that into base material. Unfortunately it looks like we’re in for some wetness by Thursday so make sure you take advantage of great day of skiing.



Update for Tuesday

We’re going to have a change of plans for Tuesday. We’re rolling around the already open trails on the North End to try to clean up some of the debris. We’re finding lots of things have come down from heavy winds last night. So watch for hazards out there until we’re able to clear the trails. Livermore Road and Lower Osceola have both been groomed and we’re working to cover most of the remaining trails as we can, but it will take a couple days to get everything completely cleared.

Thanks for your patience,



We’ll head out in the morning and clean up Livermore Rd. on our way to work on the backside of Cascade Brook. That project will take most of the morning so the rest of the system will ski on the previous groom. Once we get a chance to check out how the Monday groom has set up we should be able to open up Middle Fletchers and potentially Jennings Peak. Expect newly opened trails to be very soft for a few days until we’re able to groom them a few more times.

Outer Mad River is now open, but again watch for soft spots.

Stay warm,



Monday we’ll have the system whipped back into shape after an awesome day of snow! There will still be quite a bit of softness to the surface after picking up around a foot of snow, so skaters be warned. We’re grooming the North End Sunday evening so there will be some fresh snow on top since it just won’t quit snowing! The South End will be groomed out Monday morning by the cat as well. It should be a gorgeous ski day despite the challenging temperatures. Definitely a good day to pack that buff or facemask and minimize exposed skin.

Enjoy the snow!



Morning Update: We’re going to groom out most of the trails on the Livermore Road side this morning as well as the South End trails noted below. Enjoy!

Grooming activities will commence around 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. The cat will come down Swan’s Way to the South End and likely do a few laps on the inner South End trails initially. We’ll also be out on the snowmobile working on a few outer trails. If time allows we’ll add some more trails to the docket. With low temps and decent wind we’re going to focus on making sure everyone can ski a lap and get inside the Adventure Center to warm up. It generally goes without saying, but skating tomorrow is going to be one heck of a challenge.

Just to reiterate so no one is confused, expect Pond Loop, Snows Brook, and Figure Three at the minimum to be more packed and groomed in some fashion by mid-morning. Lower Fletchers and Sloppy Joes will get some passes with the snowmobile. From there watch for an update on here or check in with the Center for additional grooming.

Bring a smile and an extra baselayer for a great Nordic powder day!

Happy snow,



We’re laying down a full groom on the North End, including Cascade Brook to Jnct 29 (a fan favorite). The inner South End will be cat groomed as well with fresh set track. A couple outer South End trails will ski on Friday’s cat groom as we await new snow to help deepen the base. Use caution on the Hairpin turn on Drake’s Brook as it still needs a touch more snow to have that perfect angle for high speed attacks.

The temps are expected to be low on Saturday but we’ll get you out the door and right into the woods on some phenomenal snow!

We’re still waiting in anticipation of the monster storm headed our way Saturday night and through Sunday. So hopefully you’ve already booked a room for the weekend, waxed your skis, and stockpiled some can goods. Our plan is still to groom throughout the day as much as we can, especially with NENSA in town for their Women’s XC Ski Day. it should be loads of fun!




We’ll be sending the cat out this evening to clean up Livermore, Upper and Lower Snows, Cascade Brook, Beanbender, and Swazeytown. With a touch of new snow expected Friday morning expect some fresh on top. By mid-morning Friday we’ll have come down Swan’s Way to work on touching up the South End. Use caution on Drakes Brook at the Hairpin.

For anyone that saw some funky snowmobile marks on the trails Thursday afternoon, we had to drag out a broken down snowmobile from out on Cascade Brook. But never fear it will be covered up and groomed out by Friday.

The forecast continues to look promising for the Saturday night/Sunday storm. Currently seeing 12-24” predictions. Our plan will still be to groom throughout the morning on Sunday, especially with NENSA in town for the Women’s XC Ski Day event on the South End.

Enjoy the snow!