Weekend Outlook

It's going to be a great weekend of skiing! All North End trails will have at least single track for Saturday, with the exception of Moose Run, Wicked Easy, and Upper Osceola. Tripoli and Livermore have double track. The skate lane might still be soft in a few places but things are firming up nicely. 

We're going to load the tunnel on Village Trail tomorrow morning and Swan's Way and Inner Mad River will be open with a thin cover caution. The Golf Course is also an option for getting from the South End to the Connector. This year the best way to access the Golf Course is to ski out through the teaching area and walk down the sidewalk before crossing where the groomer has punched through. 

South End trails are in pretty good shape with some single track sprinkled in. Part of Pond Loop will be closed due to lack of snow in the Athletic Center adjacent tunnel. You can still access Snows Brook and Lower Figure Three by skiing Pond Loop clockwise from Town Square.

We have a great selection of classic and skate gear available for sale. Stop by and demo something before you take it home for Christmas. 

Limited lessons will be also available on Saturday.



Let the good times roll

For 12/15/17

We groomed Tripoli Rd. on 12/14/17. We'll be back out starting around 8 a.m. on Friday working on the Livermore side, so early morning skiers might want to start on Tripoli  while the groomers work their magic across the bridge. 

I had a great question from a skier today about how to find out if there's track set.  Once we're setting track you'll be able to find "total track set" underneath the digital map on the conditions page. There will also be an icon on the digital map when you pull up the trails that indicates track is set on a given trail. You can also check here for an update on when and where we're starting to set track. Again, please bear with us as we fine tune our brand new conditions page. 

Trails remain closed to fat bikes due to soft snow conditions. This will most likely continue through the weekend and maybe even into next week.

South End trails are not currently open so please use caution if you decide to test the waters of your own volition. There isn't currently any snow in the Tube (Village Trail) or the Athletic Center tunnel (Pond Loop). So please heed the closed signs and save your skis and your body. 

We should be able to eclipse the 30 KM mark by the weekend. So make your travel plans and come for a ski!

Ski fast,






Cold and blistery

For 12/14/17

It's going to be a cold and windy day, but at least there's sun and lots of skiing! The majority of the North End is now open. All open trails were all groomed on 12/13/17 with just a few receiving a partial groom (look for the little "p" over the groomer icon on the Nordic conditions page). The skiing will likely be slow with the wind blowing snow onto the trails overnight. 

We'll be exploring some of the South End today with the hope of opening some trails by the weekend. 

If you need a fresh wax or another layer to fight the wind stop on in. Trails will continue to be closed to fat bikes until the snow firms up. 

Don't forget about the Nordic Season Passholder party on December 29th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

See you on the snow,


Great early season snow

For 12/13/17

Yesterday's storm brought in around 8" of snow. A great way to get our season started on the Nordic trails, jumping from no open terrain to at least 15 Kilometers. We spent Wednesday running around the North End packing down the snow as fast as we could. Thursday we will be back out packing and grooming the overnight accumulation and wind blown snow. All North End trails that are currently marked as open will be groomed as the day progresses. The Tripoli side will be groomed first and then the Livermore side. Please keep an eye out for the groomers and move to the side so they can pass. 

Please use care as early season conditions can still allow some pesky rocks or sticks to poke through. The snow should firm up nicely tomorrow with temps dropping throughout the day, but trails will remain closed to Fat Bikes and classic skiing is definitely still recommended. 

The Silverstreaks will be heading out at 10 a.m. if anyone is interested in joining Gigi and the gang for a group ski. You must be at least 50 years of age to participate in this great program. Drop-in rate is $12 or sign up for the season for $65 (trail pass or season pass also required).

Let there be skiing,



It's a snow day!

Heavy snow is now falling in the valley. We already picked up over an inch with steady accumulation expected throughout the day. The snowmobiles will be out in the next few hours to start packing things down and stay out through most of the day. Expect a few trails to be open and ungroomed once we're able to get out and make sure there's enough cover to be safe. Tomorrow there should be nice corduroy on several North End trails. Again, hold off as long as you can on the skate skis (double poling excluded) with the soft early season conditions. 

We now have an awesome new snow reporting page for Nordic trails so jump over to the conditions page and take a look. The digital map is a handy tool for checking on your favorite trail to see if it's ready. There are still some minor tweaks to be made so don't panic if you don't see the statistic you're looking for. But please feel free to reach out with any feedback on how we can make our conditions reporting work better for you. 

This season I'll be updating the conditions page in the evening for the following day, with any corrections or changes being added in the morning after the groomers are done. Director's Diary posts will continue to provide a  narrative version of how the skiing is and what events, sales, or promotions we're offering. 

Happy snow day,




A great start, with more to come

The valley looks gorgeous with the 3-4 inches we received overnight. We'll be packing some trails on the Tripoli side today. This snow is very light and fluffy, which makes it very easy to push through to rocks and dirt hiding underneath. For that reason, we won't be opening any trails today. If you're desperate to get out, take your rock skis out to the training area or golf course where a little grass poking through won't hurt anything. 

The storm on Tuesday is looking promising with today's snow creating a nice base. Hopefully we will be able to open a few trails by Wednesday or Thursday. 

Fat bikes are available for rent today, but there are still some slick spots out there being covered by the new snow so use caution. As we begin to open trails to skiing, remember that some trails will become closed to fat bikes. 

It's also a great time to bust out the snowshoes and avoid walking on the trails with bare boots. Snowshoeing is great exercise and you're helping pack the trails for a great season of skiing!

The shop will be closed for Monday and Tuesday, but with the coming snow we will open up with our regular hours (8:30 am - 4 pm) starting Wednesday and move into regular operations 7-days a week!



So you’re saying there’s a chance

Depending on where you look you can find a forecast for anything from two to six inches. Let’s hope for the latter. We’ll be out early Sunday morning looking to see how much has come down in the North End. If we get decent accumulation, expect to see snowmobile packing and grooming on Tripoli Road and potentially Livermore Road by mid-morning. As trails begin to open I strongly encourage people to pick up their classic skis for the first few times out. It takes a while to firm up the snow and level out the surface, making skating a challenge.

If you decide to venture out onto the trails tomorrow (Saturday) for a stroll or ride before the snow, please use extreme caution. After the rain mid-week there are still quite a few sections of icy terrain. A light dusting of snow is masking a lot of the ice, making it even more treacherous. The pictures below are from today on Livermore Road.


See you soon,