The Last Groom

Sunday will be our last day open and in proper fashion we're going to send off this season with a groom on the North End. Hopefully there will be some fresh snow on the trails in the morning for us to work with.

We'll definitely hit Livermore to Upper Snows and Tripoli Road and then take the rest as it comes based on the snowfall. Conditions today were still phenomenal even without a fresh groom so some new snow should do a lot for us tomorrow.

It's been a blast this winter and I hope you all had as much fun as I did. 

Come visit me at the Newfound Audubon Center in Hebron, NH this summer.



The beginning of the end

Saturday looks to be a bit wet, but nonetheless spring skiing should be excellent. The Tripoli road side will have the slightly better coverage for a nice classic ski on soft snow. With spring conditions always keep your eyes open, but soft snow makes it easy to control speed and avoid any thin spots out there. We won't be doing any grooming, but the trails still have some solid tracks and are in pretty decent shape all weather considered. If we pick up snow Saturday night we'll try to get out Sunday morning for some sled grooming.

Stop by the Adventure Center to get your last shopping fix in before everything goes away.

You can still pick up your 2018/19 Season Pass at a great early-bird discount. 

May every winter be cold and snowy,


So long for now

We are shutting down operations for this week and we will reopen this weekend 4/14 & 4/15 for retail and rentals. If the weather allows and the coverage on the trails is still solid we will do a little grooming on Friday night/Saturday morning. The forecast doesn't look great at the moment, but we know how quickly things change around here. 

It's been a great season of skiing despite mother nature's best attempts to rain on our parade. A big thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback on the work my team did this winter. Having a great staff makes everything so much easier. 

If you're lucky enough to be part of the crowd that recreates year-round in the valley, please be kind to the trails during mud season. 

I will be in and out of the shop over the next couple of weeks so if we have any unresolved business just shoot me an email ( or drop a message (603-236-8311 x5204) and we can arrange a meeting time.

Thanks for skiing with us! 



We'll re-groom the North End for Sunday. It should be a another spectacular day of skiing!

Don't forget this is potentially the last day to grab some new gear or pick up your pass in the shop for 2018/19. We will still be looking at next weekend and watching the weather to see if we can get one more weekend of skiing out of this season!

Enjoy it while it lasts!



Saturday freshies

Snow is currently coming down full blast! We're hoping to pick up at least a couple inches of fresh goodness before the groomer heads out early on Saturday morning to make the North End extra pretty. We will also take the sled out in the South End to clean up Pond Loop, Snows Brook, and Figure Three. There is no longer a route for skiing between the North and South so do a lap on both! 

For your convenience we will be staffing the Livermore parking lot from 8:30 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. You can pick your ticket up from Duncan and head out for great spring skiing! Don't forget to stop by the shop and check out the deals afterwards. 

We will be closed during the midweek from 4/9 to 4/13, but if conditions allow for another round of grooming for 4/14 & 4/15 we will reopen. Anyone who is still looking to grab some new equipment can set up a private appointment with me during the mid-week and we'll get you all sorted out.

Bring your F4 (universal glide) for some potentially sticky snow on Saturday. Especially my afternoon skiers.

Let it snow!



Friday snow!

Friday we'll be holding off on grooming with snow expected to move in by mid-morning. It might be a little firm out there first thing with some frozen in skate tracks, but it will soften quickly with rising temps and new snowfall. 

The majority of the North End is still skiing with mid-winter coverage. Don't miss out this weekend on a great send off to the season. There's still a chance of another weekend but the long-range forecast doesn't look great.

See you on the trails!



Thursday morning we'll be grooming on the North End, attempting to cover every open trail as long as the coverage remains solid. The temps are supposed to drop rapidly this evening accompanied by a strong wind that should help dry the trails out some. I expect skiing to be fast and fun tomorrow.

The South End will not be groomed and is limited to Pond Loop, Snows Brook, Figure Three with some thin cover spots on Pond Loop. Use caution.

With some snow forecast for Friday and excellent temperatures predicted on Saturday, make sure you don't miss out on a great last weekend. It should be a blast! We will be staffing the North End kiosk so you can pick up your tickets at the trailhead. 

Winter never dies if we keep it in our hearts



Wednesday morning we will hopefully find accumulation of some frozen precipitation out on the trails. With the rain expected throughout the day we will not be grooming. The North End continues to ski exceptionally well with mid-season coverage quality on the core trails. 

There will be no Silver Streaks on Wednesday due to the rain.

Stay dry out there!