Terrain Focused Learning


Terrain Focused Learning

Terrain Focused Learning features are designed to maximize fun, boost confidence and get you on the slopes faster. Look on the Trail Map for the TFL logo to start progressing!


Learning Berm

A miniature beginner practice hill; that is positioned so that when a learner slides down it, they slide toward the mountain, ensuring that they will stop. The fear of moving too fast or too far is taken away and learning happens much faster in this comfort zone.


Mini Pipe

A miniature half pipe; used mostly by snowboard beginners to learn how to slide, turn and stop. Like the learning berm the fear of moving too far or too fast is taken away and learning happens much faster in this comfort zone.


Banked Turns

Several connected curved banks of snow; these help turn your skis or snowboard for you, helping your muscles turn the equipment left and right. They also help feel the edge of the equipment more, simulating a higher speed, but still going slowly.



A long raised ridge of snow; can be used in many ways, like a combination of rollers and banked turns. Small jumps can be made over the ridge. Short turns can be made on the top and sides of the spine.



A mound of snow with a sharp take off and a gentle landing; use the correct speed on the take off to float through the air then touch down in the gentle landing zone. Uses the movements learned with the rollers to use the legs a shock absorbers and how to jump to avoid obstacles and for fun.


A series of snow mounds; again, can be used in multiple ways. Different size turns, different speeds and different paths through the bumps will improve different skills.



A series of rolling mounds that create movements in the legs similar to shock absorbers, to learn to handle varied terrain and eventually moguls.