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With 50 years of history, 130+ days of skiing and riding each season; professional, family and fun events; various programs and legendary employees, Waterville Valley Resort has a lot of stories to share. See below for a short list, but please contact our Communications Manager, Stacie Sullivan, for ideas, inspiration, or just to chat!

Green Peak trail signs

Green Peak trail signs

The new Green Peak Trail Names

Before the contest started in December, we knew it was going to be a success! We received more than 600 submissions with some great Green Peak trail name ideas and stories behind them. The Marketing Team and Waterville Valley Resort Management staff went through all the suggestions and read every single email and letter. During the final phase some of the greatest suggestions were tweaked based on the character of the trail and the story behind it. We are proud to present the new trail names, stories behind them, and the most fascinating quotes about people and stories from the contest participants. Upon your request, we can provide more info about the contest, our new Green Peak, the character of the new trails, and more. 




Snowmaking Facts

Snowmaking Crew: 16 people total and 8 on each shift. There are two shifts, one is midnight to noon and the second is noon to midnight. Much of the work occurs at before and after the mountain is open to the public so the alternating shifts split the work up most evenly, rather day and night shifts.

Snowguns: About 1,200 in total, which includes fan, ground, and tower guns.

Water: Our water comes from the Mad River, which feeds Cocoran Pond in the Valley and the Snowmaking Pond up on the mountain.

New: The water line on Green Peak is new (along with all of Green Peak)! We have about 9 new sufag Fan Guns this year.  This year the snowmakers have gotten creative to blow snow on Mt. Tecumseh trails in such a way that groomers can manipulate it and transport it for full coverage of our open Green Peak trails and also all the way up to the top of Green Peak!

Peter Weber, Snowsports Director

Peter Weber, Snowsports Director

Meet Peter Weber, Our Legendary Snowsports Director

Peter Weber is Waterville Valley’s Snowsports Director overseeing the Resort’s ski and snowboard programs, teaching everyone from beginners to experts. 

On November 29th 2016 Weber received the 2016 Einar Aas Award for Excellence in Snowsports School Management. This award recognizes dynamic leadership and achievement, the highest honor in snowsports schools throughout the country. Waterville Valley Resort is very proud of Peter Weber’s longtime accomplishments, and his continued dedication to delivering high-quality services for their guests. 

Here are just a few quotes from Peter's colleagues:

Pete is a wonderful instructor and leader. His enthusiasm for teaching and learning about skiing seem to be endless. And he's fun to be around!

When Peter Webber (Webbie) took over as director of the Waterville Valley Snowsports school we had some members who were level 1 and level 2, but only 2 or 3 that were level 3. Since taking over, the majority of the returning staff have become members, and now we have 3 examiners on staff, 4 Dev Team or Ace Team members, and dozens of Level 3 members. The membership has grown and Webbie has created a culture of learning at the resort. This is evident by the fact that we have staff members that have joined Waterville specifically for the training and to move up the PSIA ladder. I think there is no better show of support for PSIA than to increase the membership and also increase the skill level at the Snowsports school.

Webbie runs our snowsports program with enthusiasm, humor and great people skills. He is always available for questions and has great compassion for those of us who work with him (notice I did not say for him). He fosters collaboration and always keeps the goal of improving the program and staff which he has been doing successfully over the years. I am proud to be both an employee and a friend.

Pete has always encouraged the ski school staff to maintain the highest training standards and he is always eager to embrace the latest in instruction techniques. For example, he was very early in seeing the benefits of terrain based learning and lead the mountain in its adoption. For the staff, he is a cheerleader for the PSIA, supporting training to achieve the next level of certification. Pete maintains the professionalism that new skiers like to see when tackling a new sport. He makes sure to do right by the customer and is a major reason why Waterville is known for its quality instruction.

Peter is a strong leader who is passionate about the sport. He cares deeply for his staff, as people and professionals, always providing feedback and encouragement. But, it is clear that he cares for the skiers and riders who visit the resort as well. He treats all guests with respect and works tireless to ensure that they have the most positive experience possible, on and off the hill. He wants others to enjoy skiing (and riding) as much as he does. He is energetic, compassionate, honest, and intentional. He is a true professional and a model for all.

Winter at Waterville Valley

Winter at Waterville Valley

December Story Ideas from Waterville Valley Resort

December is a big month for Waterville Valley Resort. It is when the season of joy for skiers and snowboarders hits full speed and visitors book their vacation packages and start exploring everything the Resort has to offer. Numerous winter activities, special holiday celebrations, dining, shopping, and the charm of Waterville Valley Resort make it more than a mountain. Let us guide you through the Christmas and New Year’s deals and happenings.

Green Peak Expansion Update

The Green Peak Lift is getting a lot of work done during the Christmas week. With all the Towers up, and cross arms and the communication cable ready, the haul rope will go up this week. The hardworking crew is putting together 157 chairs, which have been re-galvanized and will look and feel like new with new aluminum back slats and cushions for seats. The max speed of the Green Peak Lift will be 1800 people per hour.

Ski & Stay Special: Winter Holiday FLEX Package

This is a unique opportunity to save on Lodging and enjoy Lift Ticket Flexibility. If the guests haven’t used all of their skiing days while staying at the Valley, they can use them another day this season. FLEX Ticket Prices start at $128 per person, per night, that includes lift ticket, lodging, taxes, and resort fees for 4 people. To get this package, customers can use the package code WINTER HOLIDAY FLEX in the online store.

Nordic 5-0 Pass

The Adventure Center at Waterville Valley Resort is one of the few places in New Hampshire where you can try cross country skiing, snowshoeing and fat bikes all at the same place with more than 70km of groomed trails. A free Nordic Pass for the rest of the year is given automatically to guests that complete 5 lessons at the Adventure Center. Ski lessons are a specialty at Waterville Valley. The professional instructors provide the kind of coaching that not only builds skill, but a strong foundation for the future of the sport as well.

Ladies Retreat & Clinic

Unlike other Ski resorts Waterville Valley Resort doesn’t have a specific date for the ladies’ weekend. Every Friday through Sunday of January 6 till April 2, 2017 ladies are welcome for a weekend in the mountains.  This offer includes lodging, Saturday Lift ticket, Private Ladies Only Clinic and a $50 gift card for dining at one of the on mountain locations.  Ladies get a Freedom Pass featuring ice skating passes at the indoor Ice Arena, and access to the White Mountain Athletic Club’s indoor swimming pools, hot tub, sauna, and exercise facility as well as open gym activities at the recreation department. 2 nights minimum. Clinic only available Saturdays and Sundays.  Clinic minimum is 3, maximum of 6 per instructor.  

Snow’s Mountain

Snow's Mountain - other side of the valley


Snow’s Mountain, one of New Hampshire’s “lost” ski areas, reopened on February 28, 2015 exclusively for season passholders at Waterville Valley Resort. Closed since 1996, this was the first time the chairlift ran in the winter months in nearly 20 years. More than 500 Season Passholders showed up to ski and ride Snow’s Mountain and 50 Passholders stayed for a presentation made by Jeremy Davis, Founder of the New England Lost Ski Areas Project. NELSAP is an organization dedicated to recording and preserving the history of more than 600 lost ski areas in New England.

At one time, Snow’s Mountain was the primary terrain at Waterville Valley Resort, until Mt. Tecumseh turned on its lifts in 1966. Snow’s Mountain saw less and less use until its trails became snowboard only in 1995 and then closed for good the following season. “With the chairlift being used in the summer, we’ve never really forgotten about it,” said CEO Chris Sununu. “Snow’s Mountain has such a rich history as a part of the winters here in Waterville Valley and that history should be commemorated in some way. We’re excited to have our passholders, being such an important part to our community here, be able to spend a day traversing the terrain as so many did years ago. ”


Green Peak

Green Peak

significant facts about                                     the Green Peak expansion project

1.      Green Peak Expansion is Waterville Valley’s biggest expansion project in more than 30 years.

2.      Green Peak Expansion is the only ski resort expansion in New England.

3.      Green Peak Expansion will add 10 new trails to provide 2 green, 4 blue, 4 black trails on 45 acres.

4.      Green Peak will be serviced by a fixed grip chairlift. The lift would run from near the Valley Run Quad base terminal to the top of Green Peak with a capacity of up to 1,800 passengers per hour.

5.      In an effort to make sure guests are able to ski off the top of Green Peak this season Waterville Valley Resort has invested in a snowmaking line to service Trail #51 with energy efficient fan gun technology.

6.      The new type of pipe and modern technology allows Waterville Valley to install snowmaking pipe very quickly without negatively affecting the snowmaking capabilities.

7.      Waterville Valley Resort is partnering only with local New Hampshire contractors for this Project: M.E. Johnston Construction of Thornton, Wade Reed Logging of Rumney, and SkyTrans Manufacturing of Contoocook.

8.      Green Peak Expansion Project builds on SkyTrans Manufacturing history starting when O.D. Hopkins Associates, the predecessor to SkyTrans, who installed the very first lifts at Waterville Valley Resort, and the nearly 50 years of experience the company has gained since then in ski lift and amusement ride design and manufacture.

9.   Green Peak Expansion is 100% on the US Forest Service property. This is very unique for ski resorts in general and very significant for Waterville Valley Resort in particular. Waterville Valley and USFS have been partnering for 3 years, making all the decisions together.