Tim Smith

Waterville Valley Resort Wishes Happy Trails To Governor Elect Chris Sununu

Waterville Valley Resort, NH - Waterville Valley Resort announces that Chris Sununu will resign as CEO of Waterville Valley Resort and relinquish his position on the Board of Directors, effective December 31, 2016 in preparation for his Gubernatorial term beginning January 4, 2017. Tim Smith is promoted to President and General Manager to extend his fiduciary responsibilities. Tim Smith will report to the Waterville Valley Holdings Board of Directors.

Chris Sununu expressed his feelings about leaving: “It has been an honor to build and work with this team at Waterville Valley Resort. I am very excited to see them continue to succeed. We have great guests and a charming destination. You can bet I’ll be looking forward to skiing Waterville Valley with my family for years to come.”

While serving Waterville Valley Resort as CEO since October of 2010 as well as General Manager in 2013-2015, Chris Sununu has been the primary catalyst toward the rejuvenation of Waterville Valley Resort.  During his tenure, Sununu has lead the way to building an effective and efficient business model while investing in business and community growth as seen in the renewed summer business, the investments in work force housing, and the Resort's first expansion in over 30 years.

Waterville Valley is excited for and proud of Chris Sununu’s endeavor to serve the people of New Hampshire with the same dedication, passion, optimism, and drive that he brought to Waterville Valley Resort. The Sununu family will continue to be actively involved in the Waterville Valley Resort Board of Directors. 

Waterville Valley Resort Invests in Housing for Their Employees

Waterville Valley Resort and General Properties, LLC of Plymouth, New Hampshire is proud to announce the investment of a local property that will provide workforce housing for Waterville Valley Resort employees.  Conveniently located just 2.5 miles from Waterville Valley Resort Ski Area, the new Snow Star Inn will offer everything from bunk style to condo style units based on the employee needs.

Laura Pearlman of General Properties says “We are incredibly proud to be partnering with Waterville Valley Resort to bring this great asset to serve the employees of this beautiful community.”

Workforce housing has been a long standing challenge for the Resort.  An investment towards Waterville Valley Resort employee housing is a significant step for moving the business forward as well as providing for the employee needs.

Tim Smith, General Manager of Waterville Valley Resort says “To live in the place that you work is very important for the resort, as it enhances the skiing lifestyle of the Waterville Valley community.  It also strengthens an employee’s work life experience and provides the security necessary to pursue this lifestyle career.  I’ve always said that it’s the people that make the resort, and the strongest asset in Waterville Valley is our people.”