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Onewheel at Waterville Valley

Onewheel at Waterville Valley

The Onewheel Experience Center at Waterville Valley Resort is now open for demos and lessons. 

Located at the Adventure Center in Town Square, guests have the opportunity to experience demos, lessons, tours, trail rides, and even buy a Onewheel of your own.  Guests have the opportunity to earn skill certifications through a progressive lesson program.  As guests demonstrate their skill level, instructors will be able to match  tour experiences that will maximize the thrill and freedom the Onewheel can offer.

For questions and reservations, swing by the Adventure Center or call us at (603) 235-8311 x4666


Learn how to Onewheel at Waterville Valley

Learn how to Onewheel at Waterville Valley

Green Circle (mandatory) 30 min. Experience $30

  • Intro to Onewheel

  • Coaching from a Waterville Onewheel certified instructor

  • First experience on a Onewheel on a set course

  • Onewheel certification

Blue Square 1 hour experience $40

  • Starts with a review set course by instructor

  • Onewheel the streets of Waterville Valley

  • Learn about and Tour of Waterville Valley

  • First Onewheel experience on grass hills, Corcoran Pond beach, gravel etc.

Black Diamond 1 ½ hours $50

  • Onewheel on permitted Nordic trails

  • Explore more of Waterville Valley

  • Challenge trail

  • Make Your Own Ride

The “Make Your Own Ride” creates a hands-on experience unlike anything else we offer. We put the customer in ultimate control while making sure they stay safe and within the limits we are allowed by the national forest.

PRIVATE Lessons - $20 Upgrade