Goodrich Rock

This is a moderate out and back trail that winds through a field of large boulders. It ends on top of the largest boulder where there are great views of the valley peaks, and down the Mad River valley.

Distance: 4 miles

Elevation Gain: 740 feet

Time: 1:45 to 2:45 hrs

The view from the top of Goodrich Rock

The view from the top of Goodrich Rock


The hike to Goodrich Rock begins in the Livermore Road parking lot. Walk past the information stand and fee area and turn left down the gravel path. After a short walk you will reach a small meadow with an intersection. You will then continue straight through the meadow, over a bridge, and back into the woods. Almost immediately after crossing the bridge you will take a left onto the Greeley Ponds Trail.

The straight path, lined with pine trees, gently slopes uphill until joining with the banks of the mad river. Shortly after this, you will see the Goodrich Rock Trail on your left. The narrow trail climbs somewhat steeply up to a set of stone and wooden steps. From there it levels off, crosses a small brook, and leads you to the Davis Boulders. The trail winds through broken-open chunks of granite and under a cave-like passageway.

After passing through the boulder field, you will re-enter a conifer forest. When Goodrich Rock comes into view, the trail will circle around the backside of the rock leading you to a wooden ladder. Climb up the ladder to the top of Goodrich Rock and enjoy the views of Waterville Valley Ski Resort, Tecumseh, the Sandwich Range and the valley below. As this is a frequently traveled destination, hikers are asked to be careful of the outcrop communities of lichen and balsam trees growing in this precipitous habitat.

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