Big Pines

This is a short, easy out and back trail that leads to the banks of the Mad River where there are some enormous White Pine trees.

Distance: 1.8 miles (round trip)

Elevation Gain: 30 feet

Time: 40-60 minutes


Start your hike at the Livermore parking lot. You will walk in past the information stand and fee area and almost immediately take a left onto Livermore Road. Follow Livermore Road as it gently travels through the woods. When you get to a small meadow with an intersection you will continue straight, passing over a couple of small bridges.

After about 0.6 miles you will pass Boulder Path on your right. Take a quick step onto this trail to see a giant boulder left behind by the receding glaciers. After passing Boulder Path and continuing down Livermore Road you will immediately climb a small hill, then the trail sign for Big Pines Path will come into view on the left.

Pass the sign and you will be on a small, narrow trail meandering through a pine forest. As you approach the river you will descend two sharp hills. At the bottom of the second drop you will find the large white pine trees for which the trail was named. From there you can make your way over to the river and enjoy the running water.

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