Mad River Path

This short, easy trail closely parallels the Mad River, with two stairways up to a height of land offering interesting river views. It also features a footbridge made out of large stepping stones.

Distance: 1 mile (one way)

Time: 30 minutes

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.53.21 PM.jpg

The trail begins off the Mad River cross-country ski trail. From Town Square, cross the dam and turn right on the Village X-C Ski Trail, follow the trail through the tunnel, and then turn right on a bridge over Snows Brook. Continue straight over a second bridge, this one over the Mad River.

To the right of where the ski trail rises up the hillside, the Mad River hiking trail heads into the woods. After a small bridge and a series of steep rock steps up to a plateau, the trail walks along the high and steep-sided glacial riverbank. It soon descends steeply on another long series of wooden steps, down to the river’s shore, crosses a rill without a bridge; and then, crosses over a small footbridge, and a larger footbridge at the confluence with the West Branch of the Mad River. The final section easily traces the river and ends at West Branch Road.

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