Cascade Path

This is an easy out and back trail to a unique section of Slide Brook with scenic rapids and pools.

Distance: 3 miles (round trip)

Elevation Gain: 540 feet

Time: 1.5-2.5 hours

Waterfall on Cascade Path

Waterfall on Cascade Path


Start your hike at the Snow’s Mountain Parking Lot. Park in the north end of the lot, furthest away from the chairlift. From here you will walk across Cascade Ridge Road to begin the trail. There is a sign marking the trailhead. Next you will walk up a grassy hill following the curves of the road. After entering a wooded section there will be a fork in the trail in front of a large house, you will stay right. The trail continues up the hill and crosses the road before joining an old ski trail on Snow’s mountain.

Continue to follow the trail until it forks again, there will be a Cascade Path sign marking the left path. The trail begins to rise and winds through the forest as you cross the Swazeytown cross country ski trail. From here you will continue uphill for a moment before spending a good distance gently meandering downhill, passing an intersection with the Elephant Rock hiking trail.

1.2 miles into your hike the trail joins with the Lower Snow’s Mountain trail near a small bridge. Take a right and cross the bridge, following the trail for a couple hundred feet until you come to the next bridge. Just before it you will see another Cascade Path sign where the trail branches off to the right.

After 0.2 miles you will come to the first in a series of waterfalls and gorges. The trail splits at the first waterfall, you can hike up either side of the brook. Both sides offer unique and fantastic views of the cascades and the pools below. The trails terminate after 0.3 miles, meeting at a large bridge on the Upper Snow’s Mountain trail.

From here you can continue down the other side of the brook and head back the way you came or you can use the Snow’s Mountain Trail to explore other areas.

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