Morning Update: With the cold temperatures we’re seeing this morning, the groom is coming out fairly slow to get the trails in good shape. You can expect a fresh groom on Livermore Rd, Lower Osceola, Moose Run, Wicked Easy, John Deer, Upper Osceola, and Pipeline. Swan’s Way and the inner trails on the South End should remain in good shape today with the groom we had yesterday. It’s a good day to avoid the winds by getting into the woods, but keep an eye out for any fallen debris along the trails. Happy skiing!

Groom in progress on the North End. We were able to get some of the South End Groomed on Wednesday and Swan’s Way should be in great shape for accessing the North End. Just use caution on Village Trail, mainly the tunnel which should be walked carefully or avoided by crossing the road. High winds overnight Wednesday and continuing today have likely brought some debris down onto the trails so keep your eyes open. Expect ungroomed trails to remain firm with temps not expected to get much above freezing.

Enjoy your ski!