Thanks for a great season

We’ve been skiing since November, but sadly it’s time to call it a season for Nordic skiing. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the great snow as much as we have. Here’s to hoping it snows in October and we ski until May next year.

If you still haven’t purchased your season pass for 2019/20 you still have until April 30th to get the lowest price. After that it will start to go up incrementally.

For anyone who has never spent time in the Valley in the summer, I hope you’ll stop by. It’s a lot of fun to see how different things look with leaves on the trees. You might even find yourself getting lost on trails you’ve skied a hundred times.

I’m hoping to organize some roller ski events and a few other Nordic pre-season events in the fall. So stay tuned for lots of fun to come.

For all my summer cyclists out there we have an awesome mechanic in the shop during the summer who can help fix your flats or adjust that pesky front derailleur. Bikes aren’t quite as cool as skis, but they’re still pretty fun.

There will likely be snow on Tripoli Road and a few other trails for the next week or two. Since we are officially closed please use caution if you choose to ski at your own risk.

Happy trails,