Morning Update: A good amount of grooming on the Livermore Road side of the system plus Tripoli Road and we’ve come down Swan’s Way to connect up the North and South. Looking like a really nice fun granular day out there!

We’re going to give cat grooming a shot on Saturday morning likely just on the North End. Swan’s Way is still very skiable and should stay somewhat soft with overnight temps expected to stay above freezing. If we’re finding the North End to be awesome grooming then we may come down Swan’s as well. The South End has been smoothed out with the snowmobile on Friday afternoon and should remain soft into Saturday. With Spring skiing upon us it’s time to keep your eyes open as conditions can change quickly throughout even one day. As of right now the North End still has phenomenal coverage but we’re seeing a narrowing of trails on both ends.

Continue to use caution when parking and navigating Livermore Parking lot. The melt out has begun and there is still ice underneath so walking around and driving is… interesting to say the least. Don’t forget you can still ski from the Adventure Center and also park at the alpine area and drop in on Pipeline.

We have just about everything marked down in the shop so don’t spend all off-season wishing you’d made the move to some new gear!

Don’t forget that your skis need some love before you end your season. We’re happy to help with a $5 summer/storage wax special. It’s a great way to keep your skis happy all summer.