Update: As trails start to soften on Wednesday we’ll head out on the snowmobile to smooth things out a little.

I’m getting a little ahead with the post for Wednesday to make sure no one is surprised by conditions and can plan accordingly. We’re in the process of bringing parts back from Maine for the cat but will be unable to get them put in place in time to groom for Wednesday. Luckily the sun will be back out and do some nice work for us softening the snow. With temperatures getting pretty low tonight I would give it until the afternoon to really warm and soften the trails. Trails that get the most sun should soften up first. Lower Osceola, Moose Run, and Wicked Easy should be good choices for early afternoon skiing.

Apologies for the lack of grooming. This is the time of year that equipment tends to get a little tired after the long season. We hope to be back in action to be able to do some grooming Wednesday night or Thursday morning.