Sorry about the switcharoo on Thursday with grooming the South vs North. This time of year is tricky with cold nights making for firm snow for a few hours and then spring conditions coming in but not always on every trail. It’s always best to be a little flexible if you can, sometimes even waiting 30 minutes can make all the difference. Or head to the sunniest trails first and let the shady trails warm up. We’re going to continue to groom as much as we can, but the more we can let mother nature help us out and stay off the thin spots with big machinery the longer we keep skiing!

It’s looking like we may pick up a little snow Thursday night before it switches over to the less desirable precipitation. If it looks like we’re going to end up with mostly snow/mixed precip then we’ll do a little snowmobile grooming mid-morning. Otherwise it’ll be a classic skiing day with the best conditions likely on the North End where it may stay a touch colder. Overall coverage continues to be excellent out there minus a few very obvious and avoidable thin spots.

May winter never end!