Morning Update: We still have lots of snow! Things were just a touch too soft still this morning to take the big machine out so we’ll be snowmobile grooming through the morning and all trails should nicely with pretty mild temps today. Late afternoon we might start to see a little refreeze begin as temps drop off and wind picks up.

Saturday morning we’ll be out on both the North and South Ends with the snowmobile groomers to smooth out the trails. We’re trying to wait for things to dry out and firm up before taking the big cat back out there. However, we will be making on snow decisions so if things are solid enough in the morning then there may be some cat grooming on the North End. Once it warms up a little by mid-morning spring skiing will be in full effect and all open trails should soften up nicely. We’re going to close a few outer trails for now and hope to be able to reopen them after they freeze back up. Hopefully the heat and rain on Friday didn’t open up too many water bars.

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It should be a fun day out there!