Thursday Update: We picked up about an inch in precipitation but it’s pretty warm out there so the grooming is going to be somewhat limited. Pipeline, Deepwoods, Greeley, Connector, and Livermore Road, and Lower Osceola to Bob’s Lookout will get the groom this morning. The ungroomed trails should remain in good shape for skiing throughout the day.

Tonight is a wait and see kind of situation, with some form of precipitation expected by morning. We’ll be making a call in the morning on what kind of grooming and how much we can do without making a mess. If we pick up mostly snow and the temps are agreeable we’ll head out around 7 a.m. to do a little grooming on the North End. If things are too warm and squishy we’ll try some snowmobile grooming instead. It will definitely be a classic skiing day. Watch for a morning update on grooming.

Overall we’ll come through this without too much of an issue with temps expected to be solidly low starting Friday night and continuing through the weekend.