Morning Update: The cat is out on the South End this morning and came down via Swan’s Way. The freezing rain last night left us with a slippery crust on top so we’re breaking that up and leaving some nice soft snow for a bit of Monday fun. By the afternoon things will be very warm and skiable on most trails but again watch for that slick layer on top of trails we haven’t groomed.

Things are looking warm for Monday. We’ll assess the conditions first thing in the morning and if it’s still cold enough then we’ll get out and do a little grooming. There’s a chance of icing overnight so use caution out there on Monday. Watch for an update by the opening bell Monday morning.

We’re going to close Pond Loop from Jnct 1 to Jnct 21 due to some wetness already bubbling up in the tunnel near the Athletic Center. You can still access the South End via the other side of Pond Loop.