Morning Update: We picked up 1-2 inches so skating should be just fine for the most part on the groomed trails. The outer South End will be snowmobile groom only since it’s starting to get a little warm out there. The groomed trails on the North and inner South were cat groomed this morning with awesome set track.

By Thursday morning we should have a nice addition of new snow out there. The cat will head out early morning after most of the snow has come down and groom some of the Osceola/Tripoli Rd side of the North End then come down Swan’s Way and do some of the inner South End trails. We’ll try to add some more snowmobile grooming into the mix on additional trails as well. We’ll do as much as we can out there until the temperature starts to climb too high. It should be a really fun classic skiing day. Skaters beware, new snow + warm temps = tough skate conditions.

Enjoy another great day on the trails!