Morning Update: We will be freshening up the skate lanes on the South End with the snowmobile only. Expect firm and fast conditions in the South End for today. Conditions will be softer with the machine groom in the North End.

We’re in for another cold one, but the skiing is still phenomenal and the sun will be out again so bundle up and come on out. We’ll be focusing on the most trafficked areas in the North and South Ends for the groom. Outer trails will be skiing great on the previous groom after minimal traffic Tuesday.

Middle Fletchers will open in the morning after we let it set up over night. Once again the grooming crew has worked some magic pushing snow around to get it back into skiing shape!

Just a reminder Upper Criterion is open Jnct 52 to 2 only right now and is still very soft and narrow. Classic skiing is recommended. I tried to skate it and it was a lot of herring bone. Watch for a new route out of the woods down to the Golf Course. It’s currently skiing like a very New England old school ski trail.

The fire will be roaring in the Adventure Center all day so take a lap, defrost, and repeat.

If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.