Saturday Update: We ran out of time to finish off a couple trails on the Osceola/Tripoli Rd side of the North End. We’ll try to get to them after the South End is finished this morning if we can. There are still set tracks on all trails from yesterday.

We picked up a few inches of bonus snow on Friday to help shore up our already phenomenal conditions for this weekend. The little bit of wet Friday evening is just a blip on the radar but it is limiting our grooming hours a touch. We should still be able to get just about everything covered by mid-morning Saturday.

Nordic Kids will meet tomorrow 2/16/19 and we will likely do a second vacation week date on Tuesday 2/19/19.

Cascade Brook is open to Jnct 29, Jennings Peak is open and still soft, but other than that things perfect out there!

Please be courteous in the Livermore Parking Lot this weekend and remember you can always park at Snow’s Mtn, Town Square, or in the lower parking lots at the downhill area and still access our trails.

Happy vacation week!