Morning Update: We’re out in the cat on the South End this a.m. getting Dry Joes and Drake’s Brook in order. The Adventure Center Outpost (kiosk at Livermore parking lot) will be staffed from 9-12p.m. today.

The entire North End is open and will be in phenomenal shape after a Friday night groom. The only blemish is one thin cover spot near Jnct 39 on John Deer, but it should be easily avoidable. Cascade Brook is fully open, ready to roll, and is calling all adventurous skiers. I skied it today for some quality control and it was just about as good as it gets. Most of the South End was touched up late afternoon on Friday and may get a refresh Saturday morning, watch for a morning update. We groomed out the “Fun Zone” in the field behind the Town Square parking lots if you’re looking for a new area to explore not too far from hot chocolate access. Don’t let the cold keep you home, the conditions right now are a must ski kind of situation.

If you haven’t rewarded yourself yet this year, it’s time to upgrade that equipment and enjoy this snow to its full potential. All ski packages receive 20% off and what the heck, we’ll throw in a free hot wax with any ski purchase. There are some great skis just sitting on the rack waiting for their forever home.