We’ll be heading up Livermore Road in the morning to work on making sure some of the closed trails like Lower Snows and Swazeytown are ready for the incoming storm! There will still be minimal set track out there tomorrow, but hopefully that won’t last much longer. Lower Osceola/Tripoli Road side of the North End got a nice mid-morning groom on Monday and there is some set track on Lower Osceola.

On the South End we’ll smooth out the skate lanes on most of the open trails with the snowmobile. There is still some nice set track on Snows Brook from Mondays groom. Swan’s Way should be in great shape as we groomed that late afternoon Monday. The short bumpy section should be much improved after seeing another couple passes on Monday.

We’re expecting snow to start Tuesday afternoon but not really pick up speed until late evening. Hopefully it’s a whopper!