The North End was groomed overnight and the South End is getting polished off this morning. We’ve been a having a little trouble with the classic track setter on the machine so you may see some places where we’ve tried to leave the track intact from yesterday. Parts should be here soon to remedy the issue. With some snow expected this afternoon it should make for a fantastic ski day!

We’ll have Swan’s Way, Inner Mad River, and Village Trail open today. Please use caution in the tunnel on Village Trail. We’ll spend some time this morning trying to shovel in some new snow, but it’s currently very icy and choppy so we recommend walking it or going up and over the road until we can smooth it out. Swan’s Way has two 100-200ft sections that will be uneven and potentially icy today after we made a bit of a mess while it was still wet from the rain. The good news is they are very flat and it should be fairly easy to double pole right on by. The rest of Swan’s is in fantastic shape.

The whole system has bounced back quite well after our rain event. I expect that snow this afternoon and mid-week will allow us to jump back to even more Kilometers open and ready for your enjoyment.

Ski fast,