We’ll have some fresh snow on the trails for Monday morning. We’ll be doing a mix of snowmobile grooming on some of the South End and some cat grooming on Swan’s Way and most if not all of the Osceola/Tripoli Rd side of the North End. Livermore Rd and Upper Snows should ski quite nicely with some fresh snow on top. If we can clear some time in the afternoon we’ll try to clean them up with the snowmobile as well.

It looks like we’ve got a snowmaker in the forecast for Tuesday/Wednesday so we’ll be working this week to prep some of the trails currently closed for reopening with the new snow.

You may notice a little less classic set track than usual out there as we’re awaiting a part to repair that portion of the machine. We’ll do our best to put as much out as we can and avoid scrubbing out any old track as we groom.

Skiing continues to be a lot of fun and our base is rock solid and ready for a refresh with the coming storms.

Enjoy the trails!