Update on the Update for Friday and beyond

It’s been snowing lightly through most of the day so we have a nice dusting on top of the frozen granular surface on ungroomed trails. We’ll be heading out shortly on the Osceola/Tripoli side of the North End to start grooming. Please keep your distance from the groomer and still use caution as the first groom may come out a loose granular and be fairly easy to push around.

The plan for Saturday is for a full groom on the North End Friday evening and a groom on the South End in the morning. Trails definitely took a hit but have come out pretty decent overall. We’ll be closing a few thinner trails to make sure we have high quality skiing on what’s open. I expect to have 44 KM of excellent skiing for Saturday. We should be able to resurrect a few more trails within a few days. Especially if we pick up some snow Sunday evening.

There will be a few caution spots for Saturday:

1) Swan’s Way has a 50 ft icy section that will likely require double poling

2) The tube/tunnel on Village is pretty icy and we recommend walking cautiously through or up and over the road

3) The tunnel on Pond Loop by the Athletic Center will be closed so entering Pond Loop from the Teaching Area is the best route and returning by the same path

Overall our snow depth is still phenomenal and we’ll be able to bounce back more each day with cold temps in the forecast.