Update on grooming plans

We’re finding a couple wet spots out there which tells us there’s still a lot of moisture hiding under a mostly solid top layer. With that information we’re giving things a few more hours to solidify. Look for a little mid-day grooming on the North End. Likely on Livermore Road or Lower Osceola/Tripoli.

Swan’s Way has a couple wet spots so we’ll be holding off on coming South until Saturday morning. It should still be very skiable with just a couple double pole sections. Unfortunately the hill on Lower Snows dropping into town by the academy is pretty thin now, so we’re going to close Beanbender, Swazeytown, and Lower Snows temporarily until we get a chance to put a couple grooms on them and make sure they’re safe. The Outer South End will likely stay closed through the weekend as well, but we’ll do everything we can to get as much reopened as possible. I’ll put out a full report this afternoon as we get eyes on every trail.

Thanks for your patience as we recover from a multi-inch rain storm. Thankfully the tremendous snow depth out there should allow us to bounce back pretty quickly. Expect some fun and fast skiing this weekend. There might be a few individual spots of iciness but after a good groom we should be back on a machine groomed snow surface not ice.