Morning Update: We were able to get Moose Run and Wicked Easy into skiable shape. We had an issue with the set track pan just on those trails so there will be a funky classic track set for today, but the trails are in great shape overall.

So I found out the hard way that Swan’s Way is a little wetter than I first anticipated. With that in mind we’re going to leave Village, Inner Mad River, and Swan’s Way closed for the time being. We will still have some excellent skiing in the South End for Saturday along with most of the North End. Moose Run and Wicked Easy need a little more time to dry out so they will be closed for the day and likely back in action on Sunday.

We will still have 33.5 KM of awesome skiing. Please be courteous in how you park in the Livermore lot to make sure we are efficient with the space.

Pond Loop and the rest of the South End will be accessed through the Teaching Area as we await the re-freezing of the tunnel near the Athletic Center.

Enjoy a great day of skiing,