Morning update: For the moment we’re holding off on grooming. I’ll update again in an hour or two as we reassess.

Well that wasn’t much fun, but the good news is temps are dropping quickly and a decent wind overnight should help firm things up pretty quickly Friday morning. We’re going to be making most of our grooming decisions first thing in the morning on Friday. If the trails are solid we’ll head right out on the North End and likely hit the main routes like Livermore Road and Tripoli Road. If things are still soft then the skiing will be decent even without grooming and we’ll have to wait a little longer to get on snow with the machinery.

I will make an update first thing in the morning as soon as I know what the final call is on grooming.

The good news is we still have plenty of depth out there and it looks like it’ll be staying cold through the weekend. That means we’ll have plenty of chances to get out and groom that snow and make things pretty.