Morning Update: We’re going to groom out most of the trails on the Livermore Road side this morning as well as the South End trails noted below. Enjoy!

Grooming activities will commence around 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. The cat will come down Swan’s Way to the South End and likely do a few laps on the inner South End trails initially. We’ll also be out on the snowmobile working on a few outer trails. If time allows we’ll add some more trails to the docket. With low temps and decent wind we’re going to focus on making sure everyone can ski a lap and get inside the Adventure Center to warm up. It generally goes without saying, but skating tomorrow is going to be one heck of a challenge.

Just to reiterate so no one is confused, expect Pond Loop, Snows Brook, and Figure Three at the minimum to be more packed and groomed in some fashion by mid-morning. Lower Fletchers and Sloppy Joes will get some passes with the snowmobile. From there watch for an update on here or check in with the Center for additional grooming.

Bring a smile and an extra baselayer for a great Nordic powder day!

Happy snow,