The North End will be riding on the Monday night/Tuesday morning groom after minimal traffic the last few days. The snow continues to be fast but pliable. We’ll be headed to South End to work on a few projects. HB Highway, Lower Fletchers, and Sloppy Joes are all open and cat groomed, with just a couple of thin spots that are easily avoidable. Dry Joes and Drakes Brook should open by Friday if all goes well. They will just need a day or two to set up before we let loose. We’re running around cutting out every down and leaning tree we can in preparation for what looks like a major snowfall Saturday/Sunday. Fingers crossed!

This Sunday we’ll be hosting the NENSA Women’s XC Ski day. Around 200 women will be attending this phenomenal event and we’ll be mainly using some off-trail field areas in the South End for their clinics. So expect a touch more traffic close the Center, but farther out should be the usual solitudinous bliss.

That’s all for now folks,