Morning Update: Cascade Brook is open to Jnct 29! Enjoy it.

Going to be a wee bit chilly tomorrow, but the trails are going to be phenomenal so pack an extra layer and head up. We’re grooming most of the North End this evening and then finishing off the rest and some South End trails in the morning. A lot of new things are now open for the first time this year. On the North End we will have Lower Snows, Beanbender, and Swazeytown. On the South End we will have Lower Fletchers, Sloppy Joes, and HB Highway will open mid-morning. These newly opened South End trails will be a snowmobile groom only so expect some old school New England style skiing with some extra bumps and lumps. The rest of the South End will have a fresh full groom with set track and Swan’s Way will be a great way to access the North End for those looking for a long ski.

Stay warm out there!