Tuesday morning we'll do a little grooming again on the North End. Livermore to Upper Snows and Moose Run & Wicked Easy are the likely candidates. The coverage continues to be solid, but nevertheless keep your eyes open as things can change quickly.

The outer South End trails are now closed. Figure Three and Snows Brook continue to have good coverage, but Pond Loop is starting to make it difficult to get to them. The best route currently is to follow the training loop along the road and drop in to Pond Loop by the tunnel. That detours you around a dirt patch on the first section of Pond Loop. Town Square and the bridge over the dam are also pretty much done so make sure you scrub your speed and remove skis before you find the bricks. 

We will continue to be open through April 8th. After that we'll play it by ear and see if we can squeeze another weekend in before things get too messy out there.

Enjoy the sunshine!