Saturday to end all Saturdays

After a brief visit to the spa for a facial and mani/pedi the cat is now ready to roll out onto the trails and deliver some fantastic conditions for Saturday. We'll start with the North End this evening and then get on the South End in the morning.

As long as the groom comes out okay we'll be reopening Cascade Brook (to Jnct 29), Lower Snows, Swazeytown, and Beanbender in the North End. We will also have additional trails open in the South End. Lower Fletchers, Sloppy Joes, Dry Joes, Drakes Brook (likely Jnct 6 thru Hairpin only) are all back to life with a few narrow sections where water is flowing alongside the trail. For the first time this year, drum roll please, HB Highway and Outer Mad River are open with a snowmobile groom only. Please use caution on both as they are a bit narrow and bumpy. Extra caution at the end of Outer Mad River near Jnct 25, there are a few water potholes that make the trail very narrow for a short section. 

I'm sure there will be some questions about the remaining closed trails. Unfortunately the warm spell we had activated a lot of ground water and ate away the previous snow down to the dirt. It takes time and cold to build a base and with only 48 hours passing after this storm we just don't have much to stand on in the wet spots. We will continue to work at it and see what's possible with some elbow grease after a couple more days.

Don't forget to pick up next year's pass when you visit us this weekend. Adult 18/19 passes are only $159 right now!

Have a great ski!