We'll head out early on Saturday morning to get as much groomed as possible before it warms up. The cat will be working on the North and the snowmobile on the South. We should definitely be able to groom out the core trails like Livermore, Lower Osceola, and Tripoli Road. After that we'll take it case by case based on the coverage, so follow the grooming in the morning for softer snow. The backside of John Deer will be closed with some wet spots working their way through. There is still over a foot of snow on the first bridge on Livermore so coverage on the main trails is still solid. 

Watch for some slick spots first thing on trails that are sled groomed or ungroomed. After it warms up everything will be skiing great. 

Village trail is getting very thin, especially the entrance to the tunnel on the Nordic Center side. The tunnel itself is still covered well and once you turn onto Inner Mad River the snow is great. Just use caution on Village itself.

Overall it's going to be a great weekend of spring skiing!