Friday you will find a fresh groom on the Tripoli side of the North End. Everything else will be skiing on the groom from Thursday's day groom. We'll also be running around a little on the sled cleaning up some skate lanes and prepping a few more trails for the weekend. Middle Fletchers is now open, watch for soft spots. 

We have been working hard on Jennings and the cold coming in this weekend should help us out. Please stay off of it until we officially drop the ropes, even if you see grooming on the other side. One skier or snowshoer could collapse the snow bridges we've been shoveling in.

Reminder parents: we will continue to run Nordic Kids through March! So drop your kids off and head out for a ski on Saturday morning.

There are some great deals going on in the shop right now so don't miss out. There will be a few pairs of rental skis and boots for sale as well this weekend. 

Have fun,