Noreaster Bonanza

Morning update: We were expecting to already have some accumulation by this morning so we'll be skiing yesterdays groom until there's enough snow down to warrant sending the cat out. The snow just got going in earnest so it shouldn't be long now. Enjoy

Tuesday morning we'll be out making a few things more skiable in the North End before coming down Swan's to clean up a few trails in the South. March is certainly not letting us down so far. John Deer is now open all the way around, but use caution navigating around a couple of wet spots that will likely eat away some of the snow we pushed over top.

Don't forget to check out the sale items in the shop before or after your ski. If you've been considering pulling the trigger on a gear upgrade, now is a great time to make the move.

Nordic Kids will continue this weekend and as long as conditions hold we'll finish out March.

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Drive safe and ski fast everyone.