Morning Update: The South End is entirely cat groomed minus the golf course which is snowmobile groomed. He's still out on the North End working to incorporate the new snow. The temps today look like they're going to be a little lower than expected so the skiing should be phenomenal. Enjoy.

Alright boys and girls, hang on to your hats. Tonight will be bring a couple inches of new snow so we'll be waiting until the early morning to start the groom. The cat will come South first via Swan's Way. The outer South End trails will receive a snowmobile pass and the inner trails will get a cat groom. After that we'll see what the temperatures are and do some more North End grooming before it gets too soft. Expect pretty soft conditions overall out there but still excellent skiing. Definitely a better classic day overall with the new snow still having some give to it. Just about every trail will have a little fresh snow on it with the overnight into mid-morning accumulation. 

A couple of notes:

-Drakes Brook is open from Jnct 6 through the hairpin, so no grooming to the parking lot.

-Cascade has one water bar on the descent that is a bit of a knee buckler so use caution.

Don't forget Swix, Salomon, and Atomic gear is available for demo tomorrow.