Kilometers galore

The North End is now 100% open. We'll be largely leaving it alone on Friday as we focus in on resurrecting more in the South End. The cat will be out in the morning to work some magic and if all goes to plan there should be additional trails open by mid-day. 

Ahead of this weekend I want to let people know that Upper Criterion and Upper Fletchers will not be open yet. Jennings Peak, Middle Fletchers, and Outer Mad River are a soft maybe. Lower Fletchers, Sloppy Joes, Dry Joes, HB Highway, and Drakes Brook (Jnct 6 to the Hairpin) are very likely to open. I'm anticipating having around 60 KM open by the end of tomorrow. It looks like we might pick up a little bonus snow Friday night so that could help the cause.

Just remember there can be some fun bumps out there on trails that are newly opened. A few grooms should have things smooth and silky in a short while.