Bring on the snow

Wednesday morning the cat will come down Swan's Way to the South End and smooth things out before the snow gets going. On his way out Brice will do a little touch up in the North End. Everything should be skiing really well with the unexpected snow we picked up on Tuesday. Please remember to respect the trail closed ropes, especially since we may be out there working on opening trails. There will definitely be some hidden dangers out there tomorrow after the first couple inches comes down. Just be patient, the skiing will be phenomenal after we work our magic. I'm expecting most of the system to be open by the end of Thursday once we're able to pack the snow in. 

"The brilliant white flakes will shower down upon us and coat the majestic, magical mountains. We shall don our slippery slats and slide ourselves across the smooth white surface and over the gentle wintry rolls. We'll glide along under the splendid frozen fringes of the forest and bask in the sumptuous, glacial wonderland that is only ours for this fleeting winter season."