Winter returns

Morning Update: It was just firm enough this morning to get the cat out on the North End. Lower Osceola to Bob's Lookout is now groomed with more to come. 

Thursday morning we'll head out on the snowmobiles to smooth out the trails and assess what needs some work. Please use caution out there as a glaze is likely to form overnight. We'll need at least 24 hours for the trails to dry out before we can get the cat out, likely early Thursday morning. That will give the trails a chance to firm back up. The snowmobiles should be able to keep things ski-able in the meantime. The trails marked as open are the most likely to be dry by morning and the places we'll head first to work on. 

Don't forget about the Kris Freeman Skate Clinic on March 11th @ 10 a.m. It's a great chance to learn from an Olympian and take your skate skiing to the next level.

Think snow!