We will open with 40+ KM of skiing on Saturday. What does the plus mean you ask? Well, I got a little creative on the South End with the snowmobile today and groomed out some of my favorite spots we don't usually hit. Packards Field, the small field between Pond Loop and Snows Brook, and the windy day teaching area all have some fun little additions. Just watch for soft snow in these spots and a good bit of wind drift. 

We were only able to set track on a portion of the Livermore side this evening before encountering a mechanical issue. All open trails will have either been sled groomed or cat groomed for the day. Conditions should be really good with the new snow binding well to our firm base. There are a few spots on the Golf Course and Teaching area where the wind blew the snow off, so expect small patches of firmness there. Overall the groom won't be quite as pretty as we'd like but the skiing itself will be phenomenal. 

For anyone on Strava (sports tracking app), I challenge you all to beat the Up Snows Brook segment time. I'd like to start creating more segments for our system to encourage some friendly competition out there and inspire creative route making. Feel free to share your favorite routes and we'll try to get them mapped out and shared around.