Update for Sunday morning:  The majority of trails are now snowmobile groomed. No set track today due to a mechanical issue, but excellent classic conditions with 5" of new snow out there

Thanks for everyone's patience and understanding on Saturday with the day grooming. It just wasn't physically possible to accomplish a groom on the entire system after having to wait for things to freeze back up after days of warm weather. Our goal every day is to give everyone the most and best possible skiing so sometimes there's a little less, but with higher quality. The groom came out really well and should really set things up for great skiing on Sunday.

We're expecting somewhere between 1-3 inches of snow Saturday night. We'll be out grooming on the snowmobiles early in the morning and will work through most of the system by mid-morning. 

Continue to watch for isolated spots of thin cover out there. Especially on Sloppy Joes and the high side of the hairpin turn on Drakes Brook. 

Ski like no one's watching,