The firmness of the trails has left us with some tiller hop in a few spots. So for Monday we’re going to spend some extra time cleaning up some of that bumpiness on the Osceola side. The plan after that is to work on getting the backside of John Deer packed down and set up for a groom later this week if it looks good. If there’s time left then we’ll also be out working on Cascade Brook to Jnct 29. Please respect the ropes on these trails even if you see grooming on the other side, it’s important that we let them set up properly before they see skiers.

So the best skiing will be found on the Osceola/Tripoli side for the morning. If we’re able to make it over to Cascade Brook then there will also be a fresh pass on Livermore. I’ll keep you updated with progress as possible.

Don’t forget we have the Kris Freeman Skate Clinic coming up on December 22nd. It’s a chance to learn from the best. Call the shop or send me an email to register,

We’ll be continuing to work throughout the week on getting some more trails prepped for opening. Still can’t believe it’s early December.

Ski fast,